How To Choose Amongst The Best GDS API In The Travel Industry?



The global distribution system is considered as a very important part of portal development in current time. This is basically an interface run by a different organisation to encourage automated performance between suppliers and service providers. The GDS arrival influenced the travel industry in a fruitful way. End-user got too much ease in the booking procedure. Majorly it is showing its impact on flight reservation, Hotel booking and vehicle booking etc. GDS consist of the ability to integrate various services, products and their related data.

There Are Majorly Four Types of GDS

  • Amadeus
  • Sabre
  • Galileo
  • Worldspan

All GDS  perform similar functionalities but Amadeus API integration and Sabre API integration are the most preferable one.

Amadeus API Integration:

The latest version of Amadeus was introduced in November 2018. This was for the purpose developers. The latest version removed the earlier APIs. Most of the APIs are yet to be introduced. The head of Amadeus showed utmost confidence in their latest interface.

The reason for updation is to encourage new concepts and fasten the inventions. Also, the new program supports the Amadeus API integration easily and enhances good relations among developers. With the creation of a new travel portal, the programmers can readily access the Amadeus APIs. The workflow gets smoother than before for developers.

There Are Two Types Of Amadeus APIs Served In The Market.

Self-Service API-: The introduction of Self-Service API becomes a substitute for earlier Travel Innovation Sandbox API was introduced for the testing purpose of travel startups. As in the beginning newly, startups were not sure about the progress of GDS so they had not used it for outcome purpose. Then a principle person working at Amadeus recognised that Self-service API should be used for business purpose as well.

What Are Things That Can Be Performed With Self-Service API?

  • This API can be used for the purpose of flight booking and airfare exploration purpose. The customer can search for various related information such as most visited spot, low fare dates and much more.
  • Hotel Availability for booking.

At this particular period of time Self-Service APIs does not involve much APIs. But later on, more APIs will be launched for other than flight and hotel booking etc.

Enterprise API-: The most fundamental set of Amadeus APIs comprised of nine distribution channels and supplementary services:

  • Airlines API
  • Railways API
  • Hotels API
  • Vehicle Rental API
  • Transfer booking API
  • Voyages
  • Travel Insurance API
  • Utility API
  • Customer profile API

Each of the above categories consists of various Amadeus APIs most of them are information such as searching for the cheapest tickets or low fare dates. Others are designed for ticket reservation purpose only. They enable higher flexibility when you are designing the collection of services. Enterprise APIs are available in every format.

Sabre API Integration:

Sabre XML API integration covers almost the same functionalities as Amadeus API allows. Sabre API is separated into eight categories:

  • Airlines API
  • Land Transport(automobile and railway) API
  • Cruises API
  • Hotels API
  • Profiles API
  • Trip management API
  • Session management API
  • Utility

The categories of APIs is quite the same as in the case of Amadeus API. One thing to be kept in mind currently the Sabre API is not allowing Insurance API and transfer API. If these are your crucial requirement then must go for Amadeus API.