5 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A New Look


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A warm bedroom should be the one which invites you in and makes you feel positive and calm. It is the one place in your home where you spend maximum time. It is a sacred space which makes you want to relax and have a good sleep and also a place where you make passionate love. Your bedroom is your personal space in every manner and it is important to create a sacred space which is filled with warmth and sensuality. Here are some tips which will help you create a bedroom which is also approved by Feng shui.

Fresh Air And Natural Light:

Fresh Air And Natural Light

One of the most important tips from Rosie Rees is to ensure that the bedroom has plenty of light and good quality air. You need to invest into bedside lamps, light dimmers and candles in order to create a wonderful ambience. Make sure you open the windows at least once in the day in order to let the fresh air flow. Invest in an air purifier or in high quality essentials oils to create a positive and warm energy.

Leave Out The Gadgets:

Leave Out The Gadgets

Keep your bedroom free from technology and keep it free from any sort of gym equipment. You should not place a computer or a television in the room because of the mental stimulation. Hence, when you go to sleep, keep the laptop away and put your phone in flight mode. Ensure that it does not disrupt your sleep in any manner. Also, screens are huge sex killers, hence pop them away!

Place A Plant:

Place A Plant

You need to have one real life plant inside your room. No matter the size of the bedroom, pick a plant that fits well. If you have a huge bedroom, you can choose a medium sized plant like a palm. The extra oxygen will make you feel healthier and energetic.

Art Energy:

Art Energy

You need to make space for art inside the bedroom but ensure that it is something positive and has a good energy. It should not be something that is dark or lonely. Place one piece of art which you like to look at and makes you feel happy. Pick a beautiful painting instead of the photographs of people. You can have raw crystal pieces around the bedroom as well.

Keep it Clean:

Keep it Clean

If the bedroom is messy, your mind will be messy. This is why you need to keep your bedroom clean at all times. Clean up the clothes and clutter and put it away before you jump into bed. You will be able to sleep better when the room is neat and tidy and you will also wake up to a clean room. You need to remember that the bedroom is your personal space for relaxation and you cannot make it a garbage tip.

Use these tips to redecorate the room and create a beautiful space for you to sleep and to make love with your beloved!