7 Must-Have Electronics to Soup Up Your Boat



If you’ve purchased a new boat, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is: Is it ready to ride? Your new boat has everything it needs to run smoothly, but you should consider extra boat electronics that will make your boat rides safer, more prepared, and more fun.

Before you sail out into the open seas, take some time to upgrade your boat with these seven useful electronics.

  • Marine GPS

A boat GPS is an essential tool for boaters who plan on sailing into deep waters. It’s easy to lose track of your location when you’re in large bodies of water.

A GPS helps you maintain an idea of where you are, where other boats are, and other valuable information. It also helps you sail in the right direction.

  • Boat WiFi

In order to use many of the electronics on this list, you’ll need boat WiFi. Boat WiFi ensures you stay connected to the internet while you’re out on excursions. The range provided by boat WiFi also keeps you connected to the outside world in case of an emergency.

  • Marine Radar

If you plan on taking your boat out for fishing trips, a marine radar is a must-have tool. This boat radar helps locate marine life below and around the vicinity of your boat. It also helps identify other boats, which helps prevent a collision.

Relying on a marine radar is vital for safety, especially during inclement weather. You can’t rely on sight alone during foggy or stormy endeavors. Radars act as a better set of eyes with extra capabilities.

  • AIS

An automatic identification system (AIS) is not required for recreational boats, but it’s useful to have. While radars can identify whether or not a boat is nearby, an AIS can see what type of boat is nearby, the boat’s name, and other helpful information.

This type of information might not provide immediate use, but you’ll need it during an emergency. This system alerts you if a boat gets too close. It also gives you the contact information of a nearby boat if you need help.

  • VHF Radio

For long-haul boat rides, a VHF radio provides additional safety and comfort. These radios don’t need internet access or proximity to cell towers to work, which is helpful during emergencies. Unlike GPS systems, VHF radios give you instant communication with other boaters.

Radios are a great way to stay connected with other boaters in non-emergency situations, too. You can contact a passing boat for advice or a simple chat.

  • Fish Finders

Many GPS tools offer fish finder features, but fishing experts should invest in a separate fish finder tool to gain extra capabilities.

Standalone fish finder tools give deeper insights into the contours of the land beneath the surface. Sonar helps identify the location of fish and automatically directs you to the fish’s location.

  • Extra Marine Batteries

If your boat needs a battery, having a backup battery somewhere in the boat is essential for emergencies. Your battery dying while you’re far into the open sea is a recipe for disaster.

Carrying extra batteries and jump starters could help save your life. If you’re new to boating, take some time to learn more about marine batteries.

Sailing Toward Better Boat Electronics

With these handy boat electronics installed in your boat, you’re fully prepared for your next ride. Making sure you stay safe and connected while you’re in open water is worth the investment.

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