Find Out How One Can Choose Best Heart Ring Diamond for Their Marriage



Best Heart Ring Diamond for Their Marriage

When we talk about a wedding, we really know that the most important thing is not precisely the party, but that, from that moment, you will begin to share your days one hundred percent with the love of your life. there is no doubt, the engagement ring is the right one because there are jewels that are for life, and definitely, this type of Solitaire Rings is one of them, where the diamond becomes the protagonist.

Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings, Types, and Characteristics:

When we talk about the different diamond cuts, we refer to the shape, cut, and transparency that is given to the stone. The sizes determine the degree of refraction of light, its brightness and sparkles, which may depend on whether the model is simple, extolling the purity of the diamond, or more elaborate and eccentric. In carat pearl you can find all kinds of cuts in engagement rings, always advised by a great team of professionals. Heart Ring Diamond is one example that obtains by cutting Diamond in a heart shape

Round Cut Diamond:

This is the classic and traditional cut that most engagement rings share. The most desired percentage is 60% and perfectionists are between 59% and 61% depth. Ring after this type of cut looks very elegant and simple

Radiant Cut Diamonds:

Diamonds with this cut have cut corners and straight corners. They are about stones with between 62 and 70 facets. These diamonds have to be used as a central and unique stone in slopes and engagement rings.

Princess Cut Diamonds:

This cut is distinguished by having the corners uncut, which gives it a nice sharp and bright shape. Generally, these diamonds have 74 facets and a great luminosity for their vertical directions and their facets in the pavilion. It is undoubtedly one of the most desired in engagement rings.

Diamond Cut Emerald or Baguette:

This type of cut is distinguished by its rectangular shape and the number of shapes allowed by its outer flat part. They have usually used for baguettes of 2, 3 or 4 diamonds, being able to combine with other precious stones such as emeralds.

Diamonds Cut Pear or Tear:

As the name suggests, these diamonds look great because of their pretty teardrop appearance. They are also widely used on slopes and combine round carving and marquise.

Diamond Cut Heart:

Is there a greater symbol of love than a diamond and a heart fused? That why most of the couple prefer to have Heart Rings. They have a rounded pavilion and a bearing very similar to the bright and the princess. They usually give Heart shape Rings each other for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries.

Cut Marquise Diamonds:

This type of diamond hides a legend; It is said that King Louis XV ordered to carve a jewel that tried to reflect the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour. Hence the name of this size that contains 56 facets.