Birding and Tiger Safari to India – An Epic Adventure


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Birding and Tiger Safari to India

India is known to have drawn a large number of tourists from within the country and outside every year. With the increasing number of tourists flooding in year after year the wildlife tourism industry in India has seen a massive growth and birding in India has gained immense popularity. Every year thousands of bird lovers pour in to enjoy the sight of these two-legged winged delights.

There are more than 1250 species in India, making this country a paradise for bird lovers. Birding in India is becoming a hot favorite among nature connoisseurs. Because of the favorable weather conditions compared to other countries these migratory birds cover a distance of many miles either in search of a feeding ground or to have a comfortable stay during the harsh winters of their native lands. Hence, the best time for bird watching would be from October till April. Delhi, Ranthambore, Bharatpur, Agra, Corbett, Pangoot are the major destinations that are ideal for birding.

Being handful of flying wonders we are blessed with the incredible wealth of Wildlife. Major crowd pullers in the wildlife tourism industry are the Tiger safari tours in India. It has gained popularity over the years with the increasing number of tourists who come to this country to visit the national parks and see the majestic wild cats in their natural habitat.

India has always been known to be the prime destination to spot an extensive population of tigers. Hence Tiger safari tours in India have attracted nature enthusiasts from across the globe. Pench National Park and Cordoba National Park are some of the destinations which are best known for tiger sighting in India. The best time to visit these parks is from October to April.

With a large number of luxurious hotels and resorts available, these tours are sure to satisfy one’s adrenaline rush into the embrace of luxury and comfort. All the safaris are carried out under expert tour guides and naturalists who are skilled at doing their job and are masters in this field.

Being home to the Royal Bengal Tiger we also have another Wild Cat Species called Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard tour India is a must for every nature aficionado. Snow Leopard is one of the large species of the big cat family native to the mountain ranges of the Himalayas.

Snow Leopard is also known as ‘Ghost of the Himalayas’ primarily inhibits in the Hemis national park in Ladakh.

It is said to be shy in nature because of which it becomes a challenge sometimes to spot them and even if one is lucky enough in getting a glimpse, photographers have to be extremely watchful in getting a shot of this splendid beast. Our tour guides and naturalists strategize these tours in the most organized manner to maximize the chances of spotting these elusive wild cats.

However such high altitude and the extreme weather conditions bring in a few challenges for the tourists who take up these tours. Snow leopard Photography tours India is definitely not recommended for people with heart problems and certain health conditions. Because of the reclusive behavior of these wild cats sometimes it becomes difficult to spot them easily.

Hence we have spread our search from the Hemis National Park to the Ulley Valley as well. It will also enable the tourists to have an encounter with many other inhabitants of the Himalayan range like the Argali (Great Tibetan Sheep), Bharal (Blue Sheep), Shape (Ladakhi Urial), Tibetan wolf, Red wolf, and numerous other small mammals.