Is Chabot Going To Replace Humans Completely?



Chabot Going To Replace Humans

Not surprisingly, Artificial intelligence is on the corner and everyone is talking about it. A few years from now, AI would become a reality and as stated by the researchers ‘AI’ would become even more dangerous than nukes! But that’s something hard to believe and only can happen a hundred years later or more. However, chatbots are something that is quite near from being a myth to becoming a reality. Like war is inevitable, so is technology from replacing its older version.

Servicing departments that deal with customer support management have adapted to the chatbot’s technology. These non-tiring applications help customers or users achieve a wide arrange of tasks through conversations. In addition, many companies are now creating their very own version of chatbots as they think going the extra mile would help them get a better grasp of the bot and that it would function as per the instructions. When you create something, you know everything about it. But when you buy it, you’re not well aware of it until you get used to it.

In addition, Social media giant Facebook has stated that Messenger would host more of these AI helpers in the not so distant future.  Hence, if such a big company is interested in investing in it, it must have some benefits that would truly make the life of a common user quite easier. They believe in the fact that chatbots can do the average task of fulfilling customers wants and demands, hence why waste human energy on something that can be done effortlessly? In addition, digital assistants have a better chance of gathering information on vast levels. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for the company as well as the end user receiving the needed support.

Chatbots have advanced so much to replace human assistants in time. Just for an example, if you have a busy schedule, they can help you as feasible as a human assistant. Chatbots can listen and process your conversations, record your calls automatically and listing out reminders and todos without any hassle.

An armed sword:

Research surveys conducted on getting the perception of the average human hasn’t shown much positive response as users so far haven’t even recognized the value these digital assistants add! But this is normal as everything or anything that is new is hard to adjust at first but with the passage of time, it becomes part of our lives. In addition, customers seek human support as they want someone physical to help them as digital support sometimes means you’re not being taken seriously or that the system is currently unavailable due to which, they do not spend their time on.

Humans are still human:

The majority would agree to the fact that human support is still more reliable and convenient to deal with. However, the experts say otherwise as they believe human support is becoming obsolete and would become extinct few years from now. They think so due to the fact that chatbots are less costly, less expensive and have a better reach of arranging the information on vast levels. But that’s only in theory as in reality; these chatbots aren’t as good as humans in being service agents. Hence, as they say, there are two sides to a coin, sits perfectly in this case where chatbots stay at the top being inexpensive, but considering how poor they are as service agents gives human the very edge they deserve.