These Are the Different Types of Exhaust Systems for Cars



Every car needs an exhaust system installed. It’s essential for them to run properly and for passengers’ overall safety.

As with all car parts, nothing lasts forever and replacement is necessary at some point. But before spending money on a new one, it’s important to understand that exhausts aren’t universal. There are actually several types of exhaust systems and we’re here to break them down for you.

Read on to learn about the different types of exhausts that are available.

Why Are Exhausts Important?

Exhausts serve an important role in diverting fumes away from the engine. When one is not working properly, carbon monoxide could emit and cause damage to all passengers in the vehicle.

Much like an engine, breaks, and wheel bearings, exhausts are not to be ignored when their time has passed. Naturally, they deteriorate due to wear and tear and a new one is needed to keep the car running safely.

When ready to replace your exhaust, you can find them at your favorite mechanic shop or choose from the many HKS Exhaust options that are available.


A cat-back exhaust is short for the phrase “what’s in the back of the cat,” and it refers to components that run in the back of the catalytic converter.

This is a popular car exhaust that can lead to better fuel economy due to it making the engine run more efficiently. This system also comes equipped with a lot of features including a muffler and tailpipe.


This type of exhaust system goes from the rear axle to the exhaust tip. It is known for being a less expensive option and is easy to install. Axle-backs work by simply replacing the mufflers on your car.

Although it may be a cheaper option, it’s still well designed and provides optimal performance.

Single Exhaust System

Single exhaust systems are the most common setup. They’re affordable, lightweight, and can be an upgrade to your vehicle due to fewer restrictions on mandrel bends and large pipe diameters.

These setups are made up of a single set of mufflers, and an exhaust tip.

Dual Exhaust System

This setup is similar to the single exhaust system but has two exhaust tips exiting the muffler instead of one.

The design includes two pipes that run from the headers to the back of the exhaust tips, two catalytic converters, and two mufflers with exhaust tips. It’s described as having a “sporty” look and loud distinctive growl which makes it a favorite for Hot Rod owners.

Now You Know About The Different Types of Exhaust Systems

With exhausts being as important as a car’s engine, understanding the difference between the types of exhaust systems that are available can help you better maintain your vehicle.

While they all serve the same purpose, one might be better than the others for your specific needs. Several factors go into choosing an exhaust system and we hope we helped provide some clarity with our guide on the different types of exhaust systems that are available.

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