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Are you trying to boost your online audience with attractive Html5 banner ads? Are you not satisfying from previous Digital media marketing campaign performance? Do you think you have done well with your ad development? If you partially say no or if you are unable to answer then you need to know more about attractive Html5 banner ad designs.

Digital media marketing has a proven reputation in your marketing strategy. All brands are confidently investing in online web traffic, because digital media marketing is supposed to be less expensive with transparent results. Here I would like to mention a high-profile ad serving company whose moto is totally based on transparency. Rich Media Inc. anticipates them from black box policy and open its AI lid to everyone. Rich Media Inc. is welcoming everyone to come and look inside their box to learn how they are saving brands pennies in the best possible way. They have best HTML5 Ad builder tool for users with advance feature for best animations and creative ideas.

Few Tips to Increase the worth of your HTML5 Banner Ad

Follow Standard Banner Size Instruction Recommended by IBA and other Authorities:

Usually there is no banner size restriction you can create custom sized banners for your campaign but there is a possibility that most of publishers don’t have same sized placement and all of your effort has ended in failure. That’s way we recommend to use Standard banner sizes approved/ suggested by IBA. i.e.

970x250px       —        Billboard

728×90px        —        Leaderboard

300x250px       —        Medium Rectangle

300×600px      —        Half Page

300×250px      —        Medium Rectangle

336×280px      —        Large Rectangle

Choose your Banner Placement Wisely:

Take care of your placement while purchasing from any publisher avoid those places that are below the fold positions. Your banner must be displayed above the fold and beside main content.

Better Branding:

Your branding should be clear and prominent. Place your brand logo on your advertisement. This will create brand awareness and gives your better results.

CTA(Call to Action):

Call to action is the best way to grab user’s attention. This could be button or any text that looks attractive having meanings for its users.

Make your Design Simple:

Make simple designs for your ad and avoid complex one.

Use Buttons to Navigate your Users:

Define buttons for users to navigate. Make it visible and prominent with proper text on it.

Define your Brand with Correct Font

Try to convey your message properly. Use simple words and precise sentences for better understanding. Your message should be clear and readable.