5 DIY Car Hacks To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer



DIY Car Hacks

Summertime in the UAE is the hardest time of the year for vehicles. A car needs more care and maintenance as compared to a normal routine to keep working in best condition. Due to extreme heat and weather conditions, it requires the motorists to do a check-up of their car and prepare it before the summertime. Car breakdown in the middle of the road, fire in the car and tire blowouts are some of the incidences which could be fatal as well.  The heat in summer season affects your car badly, more than you have imagined.

In road safety campaigns, motorists are advised to maintain their car before the season starts and always be prepared for any unlikeable situation. Here are some do it yourself car hacks that will keep your car from breaking down in the middle of the road and keep it safe for the motorists to drive in the summers.

Keep Your Car Hydrated:

As we humans need to be hydrated in the summer season, same goes for your vehicle as well. As the heat hits your car, the more hydration it needs. Keep a regular check on fluid levels of your car, this will help it to run smoothly on the road. Keeping the fluid level on a normal and required level will prevent your car from breaking down anytime. In the intense summer heat, the car cooling system has to work hard and thus keeping a check on car coolants prevents many troubles which your car could face.

Park Your Car Under Shade:

A car absorbs more heat if parked under the Sun, also the intense heat damages the car exterior and interior. From fading, cracks on the dashboard and things inside your car to get destroyed due to summer heat, there could be many disasters of parking your car under the Sun. The inside temperature of your car becomes unbearably high and it is impossible to sit inside it. In road safety campaigns, it is advised to park your car under the shade or in a covered car park. This also helps to prevent overheating the car engine and would not let it become a Sauna.

Sun shades inside the car on windshield also helps to let in more heat and keeps the interior cool a bit. The sun shades repel the sunshine and provide a simple solution if you do not find a parking place which is covered or under a shade.

Maintain Car AC to Keep Your Vehicle:

Air conditioning system of a car works more in the summertime as compared to other seasons. Furthermore, to reduce the heat level inside the car the car air conditioning system must work properly and maintained as well. AC filters need to be cleaned and replaced if required to keep the car AC work in optimum condition. A regular car AC service keeps the inside of car safe for the motorists, while in a more humid weather the recirculate AC function keeps the interior cool more efficiently.

Check Car Tires:

A tire pressure monitoring system in latest cars is a very helpful feature, but if you do not have one such feature in your vehicle, then keep a check on tires air pressure. Also, extreme wear and tear and low inflation on tires lead to a terrible blow out of a car tire on the road. Such car tire blowouts could be fatal and the only way to prevent car tire blowout is to check the tire inflation level. Furthermore, you can fill car tires with Nitrogen instead of regular air, as Nitrogen helps to maintain the pressure consistent and results in better tires stability. Leading to fewer chances of a tire blowout and enhancing safety.

Car Battery Maintenance:

A car works more hard in the summer seasons of the UAE, and thus a GCC specs car performs well in the UAE instead of a non-GCC specs car. The normal car battery lasts for almost four years, while a car battery in the GCC works for up to two years which is half of the common battery life in other countries. The extensive use of car air conditioning and an increase of fluid evaporation leads to the decrease in battery life. Car experts advise keeping a regular check on your car battery throughout the year.

Final Thoughts:

Other than these basic tips, you can leave the car windows open just to the level of a crack, do not open them slightly otherwise it will be easy for an intruder to get into your car and will compromise your security, this will maintain the airflow and the heat will not stay inside for the whole time. Also, if there is some time, then do not directly sit in the car. Leave the doors open for some time and let the fresh airflow to take the heat out of your car. It is advised not to leave any such materials in your car that can melt or highly flammable like body sprays, cosmetics, and such things.

If you have a vehicle which has sustained the UAE’s summer seasons and want to sell it to car buying websites, it is advised to service your car before putting it on sale. Summers can be a hard time for a vehicle in the UAE and to get more profit out of your car for sale, no matter if the car buying websites claim “we buy cars in every condition”, a vehicle in good condition and highly maintained will get more resale price.