8 Expert Skin Care Tips For People in Their 30s


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Expert Skin Care Tips

The 30s can bring about many unwanted changes in both women and men. Your features are hardened, you may find that people give you comments such as “you don’t smile much”. Therefore, sometimes you often soft down and also feel very disheartened. The 30s is also that time of your life when you have excellent command over relationships.

When it comes to the work, you are on the right track. You have a good bank balance, and having an enjoyable and happy life. But sometimes, life throws a beautiful bouncer and plays a cruel joke. In easy words, 30 is that age when you found that your looks, body, and skin change a lot. And in few cases, this change is not good, until you take some precautions.

How to take care of your skin in your 30s

For those people who are in the 30s, we are providing ten expert skin care tips.


Every morning, cleanse your skin and ensure to shed all the makeup and before bedtime, cleanse once again. This will permit your skin to do its necessary renewal and protective functions properly. Only use those products which your dermatologist advise. Because many products are available in the market and selecting the right product is very difficult.

Use Good Quality Moisturizer:

For a hydrated and healthy skin, rub apricot oil or rich intense moisturizing body lotion daily after bathing.


Exfoliate during the night rather than day. Overnight skin is in the process of renewal and to get rid of the dead skin before the bedtime will improve the functioning of the skin. Gently exfoliate, only to shed dead skin and if you have got acne or your skin is oily then exfoliating two times in a week is enough. Lifecell all in one cream tighten, lift and firm wrinkled skin in a natural manner.

Use Night Cream:

Select a serum or night cream with retinoids or retinol. When you are in your 30s. Also, regularly use an eye cream. Use an eye cream with botanicals, vitamin C, and hydroquinone for dark circles. Some examples of botanicals are licorice, soy, and kojic acid etc.

Protect Your Skin:

During the day, protect your skin by merging sunscreen with vitamin C serum or an antioxidant serum as they intensify each other. Also make sure, that you use the sunscreen first.

Drink Lots of Water:

To stay hydrated internally, drink lots of water. Add lime or lemon juice for some extra boost. Workout regularly and eat high fiber and healthy diet.

Use Sunscreen:

Always wear a sunscreen with large spectrum UVB/UVA sun protection every single day of the year, including overcast winter days and raining days. The UAV rays remaining constant the entire year and considered as “slow agers”.

Prevent Dehydration of Your Skin:

You need to ensure that your skin is not dehydrated. Don’t consume more than six minutes in the shower and deploy lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizing body wash on your skin because for your skin, it works as a safe moisture barrier.

For the working professional, here comes a very good advice. Add six drops of necessary body oil such as sesame oil, vitamin e oil, or almond oil in two mugs of water and splurge it on your body to create a coat for moisturizing.