Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machines Used in Apparel Manufacturing



Fabric Cutting Machines

In apparel industry the most important thing to notice is the cutting department. Making apparel is the cutting fabrics process which cut out the pattern pieces from specified fabric for making different design apparel with the help of marker.

Cutting fabrics is the most important part to design any apparel, but to give different design to apparels some different machine are used, either laser cutting fabrics machines or with blade cutting fabrics machines.

Lets talk about some of the different cutting machine for fabrics

1) Manual Cutting Machine:

All of us knows scissor as a manual cutting machine. Scissors are only used when cutting only single or double plies. Almost every type of fabric can be cut by scissor. But it takes huge time for cutting fabrics. That’s why it is useful in cutting fabric in bulk.

2) Semi-Automatic Cutting Machine:

  • Straight Knife of Cutting Machine:

Straight Knife

This type of machine is most popular and most versatile in entire world. This machine is available in all standard electrical configurations, along with the wide variety of sizes and speeds in blades.

Feature of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:

  1. This Straight Knife Cutting Machineis widely used for trimming leather, cotton, woolen chemical fibers & many more items.
  2. Neat cutting, small-curvature radius curvilinear cutting.
  3. Low noise, stable running, easy to operate and high efficiency.
  4. Incorporated with an auto knife-grinding device, easier to operate.
  • Round Knife Cutting Machine:

Round Knife

Due to its round & slightly octagonal shaped cutter it is named as round knife cutting machine. This machine is used for small production as the size of this machine small & flexible & also popular in cutting.

Features of Round Knife Cutting Machine:

  1. It has a round but little octagonal type knife that having sharp edges.
  2. Base plate, electric motor, handle & knife guardare the other main parts of this machine.
  3. Knife diameter varies from 6-20 cm.
  4. Manual grinder is used.
  5. Motor r.p.m. is 800-1600.It depends on machine.
  6. A handle for the cutter to direct the knife.
  • Band Knife Cutting Machine:

Band Knife

This machine looks like a loop. Without cardboard inner tube, this band knife cutting machine can cut the complete fabric rolls. It is important instrument of cutting fabrics. This band knife cutting machine works automatically according to the height of the given relevant material.

  • Die Cutting Machine:

Die Cutting

This cutting machine is named as Die cutting machine which involves in pressing a rigid blade through the lay of fabric. When using small motifs with particular pattern shape are need for cutting, then this machine is very helpful. The main advantage of this machine is to cut sharp and small parts of fabrics.

  • Notcher Cutting Machine:

Notcher Cutting

This Notcher Cutting Machine is a special type of cutting machine & use in special case. It is useful to cut small notch to the fabric.

Making consistency in notching is most useful in this machine. This machine cannot be used in cutting thermoplastic fibers or certain unlined garments.

  • Drill Cutting Machine:

Drill Cutting

This Drill cutting machine is used to mark on end of components fabrics especially for the pockets position. We can use this machine for marking on the middle of the different components of dresses. Permanent hole can be made with the help of this machine.

3) Fully Automatic / Computerized Cutting Machine:

  • Computer Controlled Knife Cutting Machine:

Computer Controlled Knife Cutting Machine

This knife cutting machine give the high speed cutting with high accuracy result. It is uses for large scale production. Marker is not necessary to put over the fabric lays during cutting. This technology of Computer Controlled Knife Cuttinghas the advantage of being highly accurate and fast.

Advantages of machine:

  1. Gives Very fast fabric cutting;
  2. Gives Very accurate cutting;
  3. Cutting speed could be varied;
  4. Cutting knife could be rotated and moved at any angle;
  5. Suitable for large scale production;
  • Laser Cutting Machine:

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine cut the fabric by ray of light on a fine spot by the use of laser. The fabric laser cut with this machine is of very fine & gives amazing design to that designer laser cut apparel. The processing result of Laser cutting vary with its precise processing, faster, simple operation, itis used widely in the leatherand apparel industry with high degree automation.

  • Rib Cutting Machine:

Rib Cutting Machine

Ribs are the kind of knits fabric. An automatic rib cutting machine cut the complete roll of ribs. The fabric cloth roll is feed in the machine with an operator with specific width. This rib cutting machine cut fabric with a specified width and wind up the fabric into a roll automatically.

  • Plasma Torch Cutting Machine:

Plasma Torch Cutting Machine

This Plazma cutting was originally developed to satisfy the demand for high quality cutting on fabric cloth. By this machine,cutting of stainless steel and aluminum is done. Textile material can also be cut by thisrib machine very easily. In this system, fabrics are cut through the nozzle which is made by Argon gas.