Few Recommendations For Finding The Best Internet



Finding The Best Internet

With aggressive and vast advertising of broadband internet, the struggle to find the best internet service can be daunting and at times, you need to do a bit research before you choose the right one. All of the internet services provide the same features, however, the quality does differs. Disconnection of the internet is non-compromisable in today’s era and this can be a major setback for any internet service provider.

Karachi has a huge network of internet service providers so it isn’t easy to figure out the best. However, few important signatures can help you find the best internet in Karachi.

  1. The area does matter. The internet service providers have their areas divided. They may be good in one area, while they may not perform in other areas. That’s true. In order to deal with this problem, reviews of the people are very significant as they can help you find the best one for you. The people will be able to explain you the odds of other internet service providers and they do for choosing the particular internet.
  2. One of the other thing that is even more essential is to compare the packages and prices, offered by different internet providers. Different downloading speed and limit are available at different rates and the rates do differ from company to company. The comparison will help you find the best rate at an affordable price.
  3. Identify the internet speed. This is the most important part especially if you are gamer. If your work includes downloading games, movies and streaming videos, an internet with good bandwidth is a must.
  4. Make sure that the service says “unlimited downloading”. Problems occur when usage patterns are bound to change every month so you need to make sure nothing is bounded.
  5. Analyzing the pros and cons of a particular internet provider is indeed very important as it gives you a clear picture of the service, you would be getting in near future.
  6. Reviewing the customer service is a must. You need to make sure that they are responsive especially when they are out of service. Ask them personally the time they take to reestablish the connection. Long disconnection together with bad customer care will leave you nowhere.
  7. Explore any additional offer supplied by the ISP. Sometimes there are some additional packages and features involved in their services that produce a benchmark for their services.

If we talk about the leading ISP providers, Ptcl comes first. Undoubtedly being the pioneer of internet provider, Pakistan telecommunication authority is everywhere to find. Wherever there is the internet, there is Ptcl. However, longer disconnection and slow speed are causing people to shift towards other alternatives.

Pakistan telecommunication limited was established in the early days of independence and was undoubted, the most trusted internet provider in Pakistan. Not only it was the most used internet, but also it was similar to a trademark of Pakistan. However, things have changed recently. Ptcl hasn’t performed well especially when it comes to supplying internet to homes.


While Ptcl is showing a constant decline due to its bad services, people have begun their search for finding a new alternative. The new alternative comes out to be storm fiber, which is renown in providing exceptional speed with competitive packages globally. One of the obvious reasons for the success of Stormfiber was the availability of a perfect customer support. At times, you need to provide the customer with ultimate satisfaction and make sure that the faults are overcome in shortest possible time. Powered by Cybernet, the company is dedicated to providing Pakistanis with the ultimate joy of exceptional speed.

Zong 4G Wingle:

Despite the immense use of Ptcl and Stormfiber that are termed as fiber optics, the wired connection of zong 4g is unbeatable. While other internet services may not be available in some areas, zong 4g is everywhere. At an incredible speed of 36 MPS, zong 4g is the right connection for a high-speed internet.


Fiber link is an absolute exception. However, it is available in certain parts of the city. Fiberlink is mainly available in the areas of defense and Clifton, while their services are not extended in other parts of the city.


Along with Ptcl, Worldcall marks the heritage of Pakistan. Being one of the best internet service providers, world call is known for its reliable and quick internet connections, through the use of fiber-coaxial wire network.

The comparison is the proven way to find out the right thing for you. With so much advertising and commercials, it’s never easy to figure out the real deal. The internet service providers are everywhere, but not all of them provide decent services. Despite the replacement of Ptcl, it is still the leading internet provider in the corporate sector.