Fuchs Lubricants



Fuchs Lubricants Ltd. is a German-based multinational lubricant brand and technology Products Company related to this category. The company has it’s headquartered at Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The company‘s foundations date back in 1931. It is a public entity listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Getting ahead to the products of the company, there is a long-range targeting the areas of the automotive industry, metalworking industries, general industries, civil engineering, and hydraulic products. The company is also famous for its biodegradable products.

Automotive Industry Products

Talking about the automotive industry products, Fuchs Lubricants produces motor oils and transmission products for motor cars, motorcycles, agricultural, plant, and stationary engines. Taking into consideration the automotive products of Fuchs Lubricants, Fuchs Titan is a range of products designed especially for light vehicles like motor cars, heavy-duty vehicles like buses and trucks, agricultural industry products and plants related products. Fuchs Titan range includes TITAN GT1 EVO SAE 0W-20 XTL, TITAN GT1 FLEX 23 SAE 5W-30, TITAN GT1 LL-12 FE SAE 0W-30 XTL, TITAN GT1 LONGLIFE IV 0W-20, TITAN GT1 PRO C-1 SAE 5W-30, TITAN GT1 PRO C-2 SAE 5W-30, TITAN GT1 PRO V SAE 0W-20 XTL, TITAN RACE PRO R SAE 0W-20 RACING OIL, TITAN RACE PRO R RANGE, TITAN RACE PRO S RANGE, and TITAN Supersyn F Eco-DT SAE 5W-30.

Going ahead with the Heavy-duty diesel engine oils,this range includes TITAN CARGO series and CARGO MAXX series containing 10W-40 5W-30, and TITAN UNIMAX ULTRAMC SAE 10W-40, CARGO LASAE 10W-40 and SAE 5W-30, CARGO LD3SAE 10W-40, CARGO MC SAE 10W-40, and CARGO SAE10W-30, 15W-40, 5W-40, and 5W-30, TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE 15W-40, CARGO SL,CLASSIC LOW DETERGENT ENGINE Oil series containing 20W-50, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50 and TITAN RAILGEN 13 SAE 40etc.

Premium Products

The above-mentioned products are some of the premium products designed and manufactured to look after your engine well with durability and determination of dutifulness. These are perfectly produced to avoid any corrosiveness and friction. Moving ahead with the products list, Fuchs Lubricants Ltd. has introduced a quality range for motorcycles or two-wheelers too. This range includes SILKOLENE CASTORENE R40S, R50S, SILKOLENE PRO 4 10W-40 XP, 10W-50 XP, 10W-60 XP, 15W-50 XP, 5W-40 XP, ENERGY 10W-30, SILKOLENE QUAD ATV 5W-40, SILKOLENE COMP 4 10W-30 XP, 10W-40 XP, 15W-50 XP and, SILKOLENE QUAD ATV 10W-40, SILKOLENE SCOOT SPORT 4 5W-40 and CARBAFLO 2160 SPRAY.

Not only have these, but Fuchs Lubricants Ltd. offers a long-ranged for the general industrial sector and agricultural sector, biodegradable lubricants, and hydraulic oils and shock absorber fluids, etc. Fuchs, in the same way as other of their rival brands of lubricants, have a solid overall presence in Motorsports, especially in Europe and the USA. In the 2-wheel segment, the Fuchs Silkolene brand supports a wide range of classes of motorcycle racing, including model-based racing: MotoGP, and generation based Super Bikes.

This is the company’s brief introduction and profile of the long-range of products. Be sure to check out the reliability and service requirements of your engine and use the recommended grade of oil.