Why You Need Laser Engraving on The Sunshine Coast



Laser Engraving

Engraving systems in Australia have come a very long way over the decades, and it’s all due to demand. However, it was the introduction of laser engraving that was the real game-changer.

Traditional engraving was a form of printing in many ways; when it was done by hand, imagine how long it took to create one piece of work! But as the world found more users for engraved products, it was clear new technology was needed.

The laser has to be one of the most exciting and useful inventions ever; just think what it is used for, everything from manufacturing to intricate surgery. Just like laser cutting, laser engraving is fast, accurate and clean.

Laser Engraving Sunshine Coast:

Laser engraving on the Sunshine Coast is often used to create very individual products. Sports trophies and plaques have always been engraved, but then came a demand for personalised gifts, such as pens, keychains, coolers and more.

The beauty of laser engraving is that you can engrave pretty much any design onto almost any material. In fact, around half of all personalised gifts and items are created using laser engraving.

Laser engraving systems in Australia work by beaming the image or message onto a chosen material using the heat and light of a laser. Depending on the method and material, laser engraving will either burn on the image or make it visible by changing the colour of the material. Sometimes combined engraving systems are used to get the best effect.

Combined Engraving Systems:

Here’s the really clever bit. Most designs are created using a graphics program, such as AutoCAD, Illustrator or Photoshop. Because laser engraving is computer-driven, that design can then be sent straight to the laser. Fast, accurate and easy – and very different from scratching words onto metal using a sharp object!

The two most common forms of laser engraving on the Sunshine Coast are raster engraving and vector engraving. Raster engraving is ideal for large applications, like words and images, whilst vector engraving is perfect when you’re engraving small, thin lines.

Laser engraving can be used on many different materials, which is another major plus. We tend to think of only metal and glass being engraved but, with laser engraving, you can also use wood, textiles, paper, even MDF.

Even when the world changed from hand to mechanical engraving, the piece being worked on had to be held in place using clamps, which very often caused some damage. Laser engraving, however, is contactless. Not only does this make the job quicker, but it also protects the work (good for the customer) and is dust-free (better for the engraver).

Engraving Systems Australia:

It’s no wonder laser engraving is a more cost-effective solution for customers – there’s none of the wear and tear on tools that the old system had.

Beyond its use for personalised gifts and trophies, laser engraving on the Sunshine Coast has changed how we do business. It’s now much easier for an organisation to brand itself by adding logos and slogans to products and packaging.

One of the biggest areas of use is identification security; laser engraving is used for credit cards and ID cards and much more. It’s also used to apply serial and part numbers, component labels, barcodes, and industry-specific codes.

Saying that, it won’t surprise you to hear that some of the biggest users of this system are financial institutions, security and government agencies and the automotive sector.

Increasingly, laser engraving is being used in signwriting for custom business signs. Not only does this system deliver amazing long-lasting results, but it means a wider range of materials can be used for signage. This is great news for a small business operating on a tight budget.

Custom Business Signs:

Laser engraving for business signs offers far more versatility, quality and durability. Whether a business wants a simple laser engraved metal plaque, or huge eye-catching signage, this will do the job well. And because the whole operation is computer-driven, it’s cost-effective as designs can be stored for future use.

The beauty of laser engraving is that you can use lightweight materials, such as plastic, and stylish materials, such as acrylic and Perspex. That means businesses can choose styles that really suit what they do.

Laser engraved wooden signs attractive, durable and rugged, and well suited to not only country properties, but also rural businesses and services. At the other end of the scale, laser engraving can be applied to stainless steel, anodised aluminium and brass, which makes it the perfect choice for professional offices, such as doctors and solicitors.

If you’re planning to use laser engraving on the Sunshine Coast, choose a local operation with several years of experience behind them, as well as the right specialised machinery. For large projects, you’ll need a laser sign writer with an onsite CNC Router.