Men’s Guide To Buying Fur



Men’s Guide To Buying Fur

Fashion is no longer the predominant realm of women; men are also ruling it awesomely well. From kaleidoscopic colors and patterns to cuts and fabrics, men are no more restricted on the ground of masculine quotient. In matters of fashion and trends, you just need to learn the tricks and rule like a king.

And this goes true for furs as well.  For starters, divas aren’t their sole owners anymore. Men, too, are sporting chic fur coats these days. So if you think furs would look weird on you, throw such thoughts out of the window. Feel safe to invest in exquisite mens furs in order to give your style an instant leap. In this article, let’s look at four important points a man must keep in mind before investing in a fur.

1) Thick And Sober For Men:

Well, this might sound like a fashion bias and a stereotype, but men do look better in thicker furs and sober colors. Feel free to make way for mink, chinchilla, fisher, raccoon, or otter furs into your wardrobe. Their rugged appearance, neutral colors, and snuggling softness would surely make your investment worth it.

This, however, doesn’t mean we are trying to steer you clear of colors. Opt for the lighter and flashier coyote if you are confident of pulling it off. Besides, a wide range of dyed options is also available to complement your flamboyance.  The trick is to know yourself and your comfort zone first. Remember that furs are instant attention-drawers. Make up your mind regarding the quantity and quality of attention you’d like to draw and choose a fur accordingly.

2) Length Does Matter:

Yes, it indeed does! Most men look dashing in longer fur coats. Although this isn’t straight out of a rule book, men’s fur coats most suitably end at the knees or just below the thighs. For the dandies who aren’t scared to experiment, raise the mercury with a waist-length, fur-trimmed cowboy jacket. Or make the women drool over your sleek, hip-length fur coat with a large collar. The choice is yours!

3) Fur-Trimmed Items For Starters:

For men just starting with fur and aren’t yet sure enough, fur-trimmed items are the best bet. A jacket with fur-trimmed hood or collar or a trench coat with fur trimmings would do enough to add the ‘fur’ element without making you feel awkward. Alternately, a pair of fur-accented slippers, gloves, or a groovy fur scarf can push up the style quotient sans discomfort.

4) Wearing Confidence Is A Must:

Last, but most importantly, wear your confidence. You can pull off even the wackiest colors and the most overloaded fur styles with your full-grown confidence. Otherwise, even a trimmed fur might look awkward.

Additional Tips

Are you a first timer? Wondering what to choose and how to wear it with confidence? Check out some of the best fur styles exclusively tailored for men:

  • Fur coats are the most versatile items. They transform dramatically as per the mood of your outings.
  • Fur parkas are the most popular option for men. Make sure to add some color to your outfit while donning a parka.
  • Fur vests look equally cool with a checkered button-down shirt and blue denim with a white T-shirt.
  • Fur scarves, shoes, and loafers add oomph to an otherwise sedate suaveness.