12-Month Money Saving Challenge That Will Make You Richer in 2018


Saving Money

Money Saving Challenge

Saving money? Well, we all know how hard it is to cut down on our expenses and save a bunch of money for any desire. But halfworth.com is here with a challenge that will make you make your money in a reasonable and meaningful manner. The tip halfworth.com is coming up with, is that you cut down on your little extras one by one, month by month. This will not make you feel like you’re saving a lot and being distant from a lot of fun stuff you used to.

You have to stay committed to the 12-month challenge, to save your money and track your savings.


This is the month where you say a big NO to fast food and stop visiting restaurants. This will just be for a month and the difference of your expenditure will be obvious enough.


Be a little healthy and save your money. Skip sodas, booze, and bottled water. What’s better than saving money and your health at the same time?


Go to the mart but only buy the necessary stuff like food. And pay for your bills of gas and electricity. No retail therapy this month and you’ll be able to save a bit more than usual.


Focus on work more this month and spend a bit less on entertainment stuff. Don’t go to the game store or video store to buy a bunch of videos. Cut it down this month to see the difference.


We know you all love meat. But what if this month, you eat less meat and more of the seasonal food. Enjoy meat on weekends to feel the same but skip it through the week.


Try to save a bit by turning off your air conditioner. Well, if you think in a way, people back in decades didn’t even know what an air conditioner is, but still, they survived and did well. It’s just for a month by the way.


Cancel paid subscriptions like Netflix – this is going to save your big bucks. You can still watch plenty of other stuff.


This month, instead of cutting off stuff, try to earn extra money. Do a little overtime or prepare a stall outside the park avenue. Remember, this money is going to the saving jar.


You’ve done enough, you do deserve a reward. Book cheap vacations and have fun with your friends outside the state. Remember to book it early and don’t forget to ask for a discount.


Get back to the saving mode. Smoke? Well, good news. You’re going to give your lungs a break by quitting smoking. Relax back and at the same time, save money.


Wear your sweaters and warm socks instead of turning on your heaters. Turn the heating off and save your bucks.


Christmas gifts? Well, instead of spending a bunch of money on gifts, make the presents yourself. This will save you much and make everyone feel like special.