Difference Between Ergonomic Office Chairs and Normal Chairs


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For most of the people, working in the office would be tiresome because of the seating position and work stress and much more. Of all these, the great deal of time involves sitting in an office chair. An office chair is commonly the type of seating equipment which involves the cushion, the lumbar support to lean back, a padded seat and the roller to move around.

Different types of Office Chairs:

In the global market, with so many options of chairs available, here are given some Top Office Chair which the office and other business organizations use in today’s world,

  1. Big and Tall Chairs
  2. Conference Chairs
  3. Ergonomic Chairs
  4. Executive Chairs
  5. Guest Chairs
  6. Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs
  7. Mesh Chairs
  8. Petite Chairs
  9. Stacking Chairs
  10. Stools
  11. Task Chairs

Almost everybody is ok with the usage of normal chairs until they start to feel pain in all parts of the body. Of course, for people working in the office environment, sitting in the chair can’t be avoided and so it leads to health issues for those people. Moreover, among the people, it is common to suffer from back and neck pain and as per the doctors, it is proved that sometimes it may be due to improper use of seating support.

Which is why, nowadays most of the people prefer the Best Ergonomic Office Chair, which supports comfort and safety in the working environment.

Ergonomic Office Chair Vs Normal Chair

Before you go shopping to buy the ergonomic chair you should know the difference between this kind of chair and the normal chair to make the wiser decision.

1) Seat Height:

It is one of the main drawbacks of the normal chair which is a lack of its seat height adjustability. But in case of the ergonomic chair, the height can be usually adjusted with the help of the pneumatic adjustment lever. In addition, it also includes the separated back height adjustment in action. Normally, the actual seat height is 16 to 21 inches, but for the sake of short people, the ergonomic chairs are also available starting from the height of 14 inches. This seat adjustment facility allows the user to place their feet flat on the floor regardless of their height.

2) Seat width and Depth:

Ergonomic chair includes the adjustable seat depth which helps to add more comfort to the people’s lower back.  All the chairs manufacturers are stick to the standard chair measurement which includes the seat depth and width facility. but there are some manufacturers are available that presents their customers three different sizes which best suits for all kinds of people including shorter and taller people. The Best Ergonomic Office Chair allows the user to adjust both the seat depth and width to move backward or forward to make the proper posture.

3) Lumbar Support:

Of course, both normal chair and the ergonomic chair include the lumbar support, but only the ergonomic chair allows the user to adjust it as per the individual comfortability. Buying the Top Office Chair represent buying ergonomic chair which helps to avoid health problem of each employee because it has the lumbar adjustment support which enables the user to adjust the chair depth and height to provide the proper seat for the user’s support.

4) Backrest:

This feature too added in both normal and ergonomic chair, but an ergonomic chair, it includes the adjustment to provide the proper comfort and support. With this option included, the Best Ergonomic Office Chair, allows the user to adjust the width of the chair’s rest and can be kept anywhere between 12 and 19 inches. This feature which is separated from the seat usually allows people for height and angle adjustment of the backrest.

5) Seat Material:

All kinds of chairs have padding, but the ergonomic chair usually has leather upholstery enabling the user to seat in the very comfortable backrest and helps to attain the wonderful sitting experience for the longer period.


As the advances in materials and furniture, more and more people stick to the comfortable materials. After all, health comes first right. If you feel discomfort with your seating furniture gets rid of it and get Top Office Chair that makes you feel comfortable. Live healthily!