Ten New Perennial Flowers to Plant This Fall


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Fall season means many changes especially for your beloved garden, leaves will change their color and temperature gets cooler. But all these changes warn the plant lovers that it’s time to plan for planting perennials.

Perennial Flowers

Annual plants only bloom for a single season but perennials always come back for every season, it doesn’t mean they live forever they have an average age of three to five years if you take care of them properly. Some of them live much longer than five years like hardy perennials which is the life of your garden and can live for 20 or more years. You might be interested in heart roses which is more attracting and charming.

Here are the top ten perennials that are both delicate and robust and provide greenery and lively look to your garden.

1) Astilbe:


It has fern-like foliage and a very eye-catching flower; it grows well in sunlight to moderate shade and has a life of 15 years and more.

2) Balloon Flower:

Balloon Flower

They are also known as Chinese bellflowers; they have long lived flowers with a verity of colors like blue, pink, purple and white, they are interesting as they are balloon-shaped buds which burst into a flower in summer.

3) Bee balm:

Bee balm

It sounds more like a balm which is to apply on a bug bite or bee bite, but they belong to the mint family and attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.

4) Bearberry Flower:

Bearberry Flower

They are called kinnikinnick, it is a low growing shrub and lived for 20 or more years, it is an evergreen plant and has a cluster of colorful flowers in bell-shaped and red berries. Flowers are mostly pink and white in color.

5) Coral Bells:

Coral Bells

Image by Dreamstime

They are also called alumroot or heucheras due to its shape and hue of its flowers.

6) Cranesbill Geranium:

Cranesbill Geranium

Geraniums can live for 10 years and more and their color ranges from blue to violet to pink and magenta they are the short flowers but look quite fascinating due to their color.

7) Daylilies:


These are large and vibrate flowers and if you want flowers that don’t require much care consider planting Daylilies, they can grow for many years and doesn’t require special attention.

8) Goldenrod:


They have a unique yellow color which makes them super shiny and they are also a long-lived flower, we can see them growing in wild, meadows and prairies but can be a good addition in your garden.

9) Pigsqueak:


They offer bold foliage and have a bright magenta color they mostly grow in shady places.

10) Stonecrop:


They are low maintenance flowers grows in full sunlight and has an attractive color and texture, you can grow them in containers and gardens both.