Legal Agreements to Protect Intellectual Property Rights



In order to protectintellectual property, there are legal agreements signed when two business interact or even signed within a company. There are different agreements or contracts applicable to these matters; it is very important to understand these agreements in order to use them effectively and smoothly.

Intellectual Property Agreements:

If IP (Intellectual Property) is used within a company, the owner can use the non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement etc. some of the agreements already come under legal protection when the registration of a certain business is completed,for example, trademark. With the acceptance and registration of a business, it is wise to hire intellectual property attorney to deal withsuch issues at hand when the files are drafted.

The owner with the help of an attorneymay place safeguards and protections on data and can declare certain information as private and confidential to prevent employees from misusing the IP rights of the company and/or selling company’s secrets.

Factors Involved while Drafting an IP Agreement:

While drafting a legal agreement for IP, there are a number of factors that the owner and intellectual property attorney have to keep in mind, as certain complications could arise during the compiling process.For instance, the number of employees may increase complication. The more circumstances, number of people and information is involved, the bigger legal agreement conditions must be covered. Furthermore, it is necessary for all the clients, employees and other to sign the agreement ensuring no information or company secrets will be revealed or sold out.

The attorney must explain the owner about legal representation of the agreement while drafting the agreement initially and can also suggest when and where amendments are needed.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement:

This type of agreement is used to keep the processes, secrets, information,and methods of the company confidential. Such agreements are also called Confidentiality Agreement (CA); Confidential Disclosure Agreement(CDA), Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) or Secrecy Agreement (SA).The employees are kept legally bound to keep data, information and processes secret by signing the agreement. If anyone reveals the secret without authorization to disclose, he or she will be taken to the court. The owner can seek compensation from the worker who has done the damages. It can include economic matters revealed to a competitor who has usedthe information to gain profit.

When the Non-Disclosure Agreement is Applied?

This is one of the most populartypes of an IP agreement. When it comes to intellectual property, it may include trade secret or confidential processes within copyright or patent. This is applied when the products and services have few similar aspects about trade secret and the methods and details are supposed to be kept secret in within the company. Patent rights give the company exclusive rights to reproduce a certain invention, and copyrights ensure the protection of printed works. Every employee must sign these agreements when the business requires secrecy of the information.

Trademarks, Trade Secrets and Contractual Agreements:

The trade secrets and trademarks are not legal agreements at first place. However, they may be usedas such there is a need for the documentation and applications to register intellectual properties. These contracts and papers may be used to protect the owner from the breach of the agreementand allows the intellectual property attorney to take legal actions against the violators of the agreements. Under these agreements, foreign powers are prohibited from misusing and selling the company’s processes, products or methods or taking to another country. Breaching of these agreements leads to the litigation against the employees.

Similarly, these agreements are signed between two or more companies defining their business relationship.Such business contracts also include IP and confidential information that the companies share which builds trust and confidence among them.

Legal Assistance:

Given the legal agreements in intellectual property contracts, a skilled intellectual property attorney mustbe hired to ensure the documentation is valid and enforceable. The attorney also protects the interests of the company in keeping information confidential.