A Quality Sleep Without An Unpleasant Snot of Snoring


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You’ve just gotten up, turned off the light and then the evil happens. the creepy sound of a lion who killing every hope for a peaceful sleep. Yes, your partner is snoring. And what now?

Snoring unwittingly disturbs the sleepy dreamers who are also in that room, but also the sleep of a person who snores, and it can cause depression, fatigue, a decrease of concentration and memory loss, increased possibility of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Research has shown that 45% of adults are snoring and the number is increasing over the years.

Snoring is most often caused by vibration, which is caused by air flow through a relaxed soft palate, so these vibrations need to be reduced or completely removed. With full stomach, too much nicotine and obesity as the most common causes of snoring, many people have problems with congestion of the sinuses, and their tongue, while lying on their backs, occupies an unnatural position.

Get lost:

Snoring and obesity are in tight connection. Bigger people usually have thick neck tissue, which increases the risk of snoring. Healthy diet and exercise will help you feel better, but also stop the “night-time sleeping”. Some experts say that, in order to stop snoring, it is enough to reduce weight by only 10%.


A stuffy nose can also be one of the causes of snoring. Inhalation before bedtime with steam from the water into which you put a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus or mint. It is advisable, especially in the winter, to put air humidifiers on your radiators.

Change the Position of Sleep:

It’s known that snoring is the most intense when sleeping on your back. Then your tongue gets backward and slows down the air flow. You should try to sleep on your side.

Stop Smoking:

If you are a smoker, snoring is another warning that it’s time to leave cigarettes. They irritate the respiratory tract and create inflammation.

Lift up your head:

If you bend the neck during sleep, it can create resistance to airflow. Remove excess pillow or buy smaller.

The last option is various devices and aids for easier breathing, as well as surgical procedures, Try to solve the snoring problem in a natural way. If you can not, it is best to ask for the help of a doctor who deals with sleep problems. One of them can be a dentist who will tell you who is for you best-unbiased snoring mouthpiece review.