How School Management Software Helps in Fee Management!



Fee Management is an integral part of the school management system. All these years, one had to rely on the traditional form of fee management which involved a lot of paperwork and calculations. Not to add that this was very time-consuming as well. However, today, with the School Management Software, this whole process has become much easier. Now, the parents can pay the fee online and can also check regularly all the details related to fee payment. Not only this, there are countless other ways in which this software helps in making the school fee management system more efficient and effective.

Let us consider some of those!

It Stores all the Data in one Place:

The School Management Software stores all the fee-related data of a school in one place. From the monthly payment details to the fee left to be paid, everything can be viewed under a single database. It makes the school fee management system much more systematic, as all the details come systematically one after the other. One can group the different kinds of fee, be it art fees, sports fees or any other form of fee under different headings. Also, separate groups can be made according to the class wise collection of fee.

The Payment Method is More Convenient:

Unlike the traditional fee payment method, here the parents do not necessarily have to go to the school to pay the fee. They can easily make the payment online with their credit or debit cards. A sort of penalty is added if there is any delay in the payment of fee. Once the payment has been made, the fee receipt can be printed with the help of this software. It also mails the fee receipt to the parents. Thus, the School Management Software makes the fee payment system much more effortless and uncomplicated for the parents.

It is User-Friendly:

The fee payment module of the School Management Software is extremely user-friendly and requires no fuss. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer will be able to use it. Also, it brings an end to the endless paperwork which was an inevitable part of the traditional mode of fee payment. Also, there are no chances of human-made errors, as in the case of the manually run system. Thus, fee management becomes far more easy and comfortable for the school authorities as well as the designated staff for that purpose!

It Saves a Lot of Time:

The School Management Software saves a lot of time as far as fee payment is concerned. There is no need to go to school every time the parents have to pay the fee. They can make the payment online whenever they want, from wherever they want and they can also generate the fee receipts with the help of this software.

It is Mobile Friendly:

The School Management Software also has a mobile app which is very fast and responsive. One can easily download the app on his/her phone and then can use it from there. Thus, fee management and fee payment become even easier with the addition of this app. You do not have to log in to a computer anymore. You can do it right from the comfort of your home or anywhere else, with that little device in your hand.

It is Customizable:

The School ERP Software can be customized according to the needs and demands of a particular school. Every school has different activities and hence, they would require the payment for all of those activities. Accordingly, one can add or omit groups from the fee module of the software. They can also add discounts or penalties whenever they feel the need to do so.

It Sends Notifications to the Parents:

There are always those times when we almost forget to pay the fee and then run to do it at the last hour. With the School Management Software, such a case will never happen. It always sends notifications via SMS alerts and emails on your phone. Thus, one doesn’t have to take the headache of remembering all the fee payment dates and can always rely on the notifications.

It Makes the System More Transparent:

The School ERP Software brings in more transparency in the system. Everything is in the open as the whole procedure is managed by a software program, and not a human. The school authorities are always aware as to what kinds of transactions are being made through the software. Thus, the chances of fraudulence are reduced to a great extent.

At Vasp Technologies, our School Management Software, Desalite Connect has a fee module which provides all these benefits and more to the users. It makes fee management hassle-free for you in every which way. From storing all the payment related data to sending notifications to the parents, it carries out all the payment related tasks in the best possible manner. Thus, with Desalite Connect and its fee module, the whole working process of the school improves and becomes way more productive and well-organized.