Songs To Loosen Up The Stuck-In-Traffic Tension


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Relaxing Music Playlist

Traffic in India is not a new issue to be discussed. It can last for a few minutes or even 12 hours, just in case your luck isn’t in your favour. The obnoxious feeling of being stuck somewhere out of nowhere is just inexpressible. Additionally, the vexatious horns of literally every vehicle seem to be ready to tear apart not just your ears, but also your brain. Traffic jams are no less than a nightmare; haunting you with raucous noise and making you feel sluggish.

Despite the efforts you make, there’s just one thing that you can do and that is to keep patience. Sitting sessile in the car can be too boring at times, even worse when you’ve no company! But here’s something we can do for you – A list of soothing songs that’ll refresh you, and will help you loosen up from the traffic tension. So, start Relaxing Music Playlist without further delay, let’s get musical.

  1. Aye Ranjha

    This song is composed by the talented and beautiful Sharanya Natrajan. This song is kind of emotional and you’ll be able to connect with the lyrics very easily. The music is soft but not slow, so you’re not going to drown into any sad memory lake. It’ll lift you up, and will cover up all the unwanted noise around you. It’s a track to be enjoyed and you surely will not regret listening this one.

  2. Mohabbat Hai

    Almost everyone is in love with this love song elegantly sung by Neha Kakkar. Most of the times, there’s a lot of background music in Bollywood songs. What makes this one different and impressive is the rawness that you’ll experience in the lyrics. The song is really soothing and this beautiful lady has seemingly made a lot of efforts to help this track connect to our hearts effortlessly.

  3. Beautiful Dancer

    The band named Wild Blossoms came up with this track and it has spread like wildfire. The music is fluent and flawless. It’ll make you tap your feets and your soul to dance. The lyrics are really inspiring and it won’t let you get bored while you’re stuck doing nothing in the traffic.

  4. Four

    This track was composed by Dhruv Vishvanath and is a song that’ll provide a soothing effect to your mind and soul. This English song is just perfect to be played when you’re stuck badly in traffic.

  5. Mhaari Re Mangetar

    The credit to bring up such a magnificent song goes to MaatiBani ft. AlaaWardi. This song can be claimed as a unique one in history. It’s kind of a fusion between traditional and modern way of singing. One moment you’ll feel that it’s some folk music, and the other moment you’ll find it fun to hear. It’s lyrics are outstanding and this entire track will bring a wide smile on your face.

    All these songs are fresh, and you’ll want to listen them again and again. It’ll be a profiting way of passing time when you’ve nowhere else to go. Just hit the music and then wait for the music to hit you! Do share your priceless views with us in the comments. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.