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Window treatments are extremely essential in today’s era. It is required for privacy seekers and also those who want to allow light and heat penetration. Such treatments are the need of the hour. However, window treatments can be broadly classified into three main categories – hard window treatment, soft window treatment and layered window treatment.

Hard window treatments make use of hard materials to treat windows. These hard materials may include shades, shutters, and window blinds. Soft window treatments are the ones which use soft materials in their treating procedure such as, drapes, valances, sheers, curtains and roman shades. The third category includes the layered window treatment which is combination of the two former treatment categories.

What are The Different Types of Options Available for Window Treatment?

Different Types of Options Available for Window Treatment

  1. A much acknowledged option of window treatment includes the use of woven wood shades which are also popular in the name of bamboo shades or matchstick shades. Such shades can be affirmatively used on almost any décor to add an exotic look to the treated windows. The textures, woods, natural colours, and reeds available in such shades are also incomparable.
  2. The next option includes cellular shades. These shades can be used to insulate homes with the help of their honeycomb structure. The amount of light entering the interiors can be controlled by making use of such shades which can filter the entering light to bring them in the most appreciable range.

Cellular shades are also available in different cell numbers ranging from one to three. These cells are meant to trap the air and disallow warmth from leaving the interiors during cold weather conditions. These blinds are made of soft materials.

  1. Venetian Blinds are also famous in the world of window treatment. Such options are made of wood, plastic or metal.
  2. Shoji Panels are effective options of window treatment in Japanese decorations. They are made of wood or bamboo along with the use of a rice paper which is translucent in nature. Such options are versatile in nature as they can be used to cover doors and windows as well as divide rooms in the best way possible.
  3. Roman shades are the shades made up of fabric, which when raised, bring the shape of horizontally folded pleats. Such shades can be made of any fabric and they provide effective light and privacy control. A cord mechanism is usually used to open these shades.
  4. Another option for window treatment includes roller shades. These are quite economical in nature and are much effective in providing the best of their looks on any décor. They are made up of modern fabrics. Being easy to use, roller shades are always one among the first choices of shades of various customers. The way of adding color, texture, and style to every décor is praiseworthy as it’s very effective.
  5. Drapes are used to provide a sophisticated look to windows. They come in an impressive variety of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and patterns. Most of the shops have a separate section for drapes. Furthermore, there are some shops which are especially meant to sell drapes or curtains. Curtains can be operated using hands, cords or remote-controlled mechanism too.

The variety in the options available for the treatment of windows depends on the purpose for which they have been manufactured which can be known from The Blind Guyz. Certain items are meant to provide an elegant look to the treated windows while, some for insulation purposes. Every item is made up of different materials to add extra benefits to its use.