12 Reasons, Why WordPress is An Amazing CMS to Work With?

WordPress is An Amazing CMS to Work

According to a recent study, WordPress powers, more than 28% of the web and this figure is continuing to rise. It is the framework behind many of the websites and blogs you visit every day and is a platform that is simple to use, install and can be customized to best suit you and your business.

Formally known as the platform for blogging, WordPress has evolved into a versatile content management system (CMS). This means that whilst it is still great to use as a blogging platform, it can also be used to create other fully functioning websites and mobile applications.

WordPress is a popular platform for websites. Also, many famous blogs, news outlets, music sites, companies and celebrities use WordPress. For example, metro news uses WordPress, as does TechCrunch, CNN and Time.

WordPress has many great features that need to be taken into account when thinking about your own business. These features include:

1) Easy to Use:

WordPress is becoming ever so popular because it is easy to use. This easy to use feature is what makes new businesses to move towards WordPress. It is a user-friendly platform and one can learn how to use WordPress as CMS in a short amount of time. Once your site is developed, you don’t need any experts to manage it on a daily bases.

2) Easy to Set Up, Manage and Update:

You don’t need to be an expert on the internet or an HTML coder to be able to use WordPress for your business. The back end is simple to use, meaning you can update the content of your website easily. Thus, even without the knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, or PHP, you can still set-up your WordPress website. The best part is you can easily install WordPress in some easy simple steps.

Easy to Update WordPress Themes and Plugins:

Most of the time companies used to update their software for security reasons and tried to make it more user-friendly with lots of features. Well with WordPress you don’t have to go through all the processes to update your software for your website. You can easily update your website theme and WordPress plugins, after login into your WordPress account.

4) Cost Effective and Flexibility:

Compared to other CMS, building and managing a website with WordPress is a lot easier, cost-effective and flexible. There are the wide range of WordPress theme (Based on your niche) and plugins to choose from to get the more attractive design. You can easily purchase any WordPress web hosting and get started with.

5) Get more Functionality at Low Cost:

With its flexibility to easily manage your website, WordPress provides you with a host of pre-written programs called Plugins that will help you to improve the functionality of your website that too at a lower cost unless you are looking for a full version of that plugin.

It is also essential that you don’t go overboard with plugins installation and make your website complete mess. The key to making the website more user-friendly is “Keep it simple”.

6) Multi-user Capability:

If you are a large organization then running a website and keeping the site up-to-date would require the help of multiple people. Thus, WordPress offers multi-user capability, so as to make it easier, and assign different roles to individuals within your organization.

WordPress comes with six different default user roles, such as – Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. Thereby, giving you the right (as a website owner) to decide what a user can or can’t do on your website.

7) Easy to Update Post and Pages:

Easy to update Post and Pages

WordPress offers easy to update and publish Post and Pages to your website, making you decide when to publish your article.

The article posted is easily manageable and can be customized and edited anytime from anywhere in the world. Having this feature increases its value in the blogger’s community, who loved to blog but don’t know the coding part.

8) Change Design Flexibility:

WordPress provides you with the design flexibility option. That means, if at any point you decided to change the design for your website, then you don’t have to hire a designer to do your work. All you have to do is

Login into your WordPress account >> Go to appearance >> Select the WordPress theme you like >> Install and activate the theme.

Login into your WordPress account

This will change the whole design and look of your WordPress based website/ blog.WordPress offers tonnes of free themes to choose from. All you have to do is, go through your niche and activate the theme you like.

9) WordPress Is 99 % SEO Friendly [Acc. to Google]

According to a recent study based on search engines and website ranking factors on the basis of various predefined parameters, the WordPress takes all the SEO responsibilities that a CMS is supposed to fulfill.

To increase your website search engine visibility, there are various WordPress SEO Plugins are available to download. My favourite one is the Yoast SEO plugin.

10) WordPress Helps You Rank High in Search Engines:

When you create a website, you want to reach out to as many audiences as possible. One of the best ways to do is to practice effective Search Engine Optimization strategy. In simple terms, this means making your website popular so that search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, etc., can easily find and display it in relevant search results.

11) Responsive Websites:

Responsive Websites

As more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, websites need to be responsive. Websites developed in WordPress are responsive, also the WordPress content management system is designed in such a way, that it works on all type of smartphones as well as full-sized PCs. This means you don’t have to make another design for mobile responsiveness and can manage your website wherever you are.

12) WordPress is Mature:

WordPress has been around for over a decade and as a result is a more matured tried and tested CMS (Content Management System). This open-source CMS has attracted a passionate community that ensures it stays secure, flexible, functional, and up-to-date as possible.

That’s it! Concluding all the points, all I can say, you should give it a try to this most amazing and easy open source CMS and start creating your website without investing money on hiring designer and developers.

Websites build on WordPress can really help you and your business, to reach out to the maximum audience and increase sales and productivity.