5 Benefits of Buying a New Car You Need to Consider



There are over 17 million new cars purchased every year. The amount of used cars sold is more than double that figure. While there are clearly advantages to buying used cars, there are also benefits of buying a new car.

If you’re stuck deciding between a used and new car, check out this article to see the advantages of buying a new car.

  • No History

One of the biggest worries of buying a used car is the history that comes with it. Was it in an accident? Are the parts going to fall apart tomorrow?

A new car has never been driven or experienced any bad history. The parts are all brand new and should be in good working order. You’ll still need to test drive it to ensure it has the right handling and pick-up you want.

  • Better Features

There was a time that a CD player in a car was the newest and best feature. Over the years, cars and vans have added TV, heated steering wheels, and WiFi hotspots.

If you’re looking for a vehicle to get you from point A to point B, you probably don’t need these extra features. But people with families or long commutes will view these features as necessary.

A lot of dealerships offer some courtesy vehicles to customers who have their car there for repairs among other reasons. This is an excellent chance to test out different features on newer vehicles.

  • New Warranty

When you buy a used vehicle, you’re also buying a used warranty. This means that whatever is left on the manufacturer’s warranty (miles or years) will transfer to the new owner.

A brand new car has a new warranty that has never been used. The sticker price of a new car might be higher, but the warranty is undoubtedly going to be longer.

Additionally, cars purchased today are safer than cars 10 years ago. Safety ratings and standards are reviewed and updated every year. The newest cars have to meet these regulations.

  • Customization

Once upon a time, Henry Ford used to tell customers they could get the Model T in any color as long as it was black. Customization has come a long way.

Depending on the company, you can pick and choose almost every single feature and trim you want to adorn the car.

Some people turn into kids at a candy store. They’ll fully load the vehicle and make sure it has all the bells and whistles you’d never get from a used car.

  • Straightforward Price

Constantly haggling over price and value for a used car becomes a headache. Private sellers often don’t know what their vehicle is really worth. They also throw in sentimental value.

The price of a used car at a lot varies from one town to the next.

Brand new cars have straightforward pricing that doesn’t leave a lot of room for negotiating. You might be able to compare the price to a nearby lot that has it listed for a couple thousand cheaper.

But overall, the price of a brand new car isn’t going to move a lot. You know exactly the amount of financing you need.

Understand the Benefits of Buying a New Car

If you understand the benefits of buying a new car, you can make a more informed decision on investing in a new or used vehicle.

From better features and safety to customization, new cars offer more options and better standards than a pre-owned car. Start searching for what you want and get your new set of keys soon.

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