Reckless or Speeding? Examining the Concept of Reckless Driving



Knowing the rules of the road and driving with caution are two of the best tools you can equip yourself with to be a safe driver.

One of the rules that are a bit murky is figuring out what is reckless driving. With this helpful guide, we’ll help you answer that question so that you fully understand the rules of the road.

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What Is Reckless Driving?

Each state has different definitions of what is reckless driving. The general gist of what the state laws say is that reckless driving is when someone is operating a vehicle in a dangerous manner and/or without any regard for the safety of others and themselves.

Some reckless driving examples are speeding during snowfall or during the rain, weaving in and out of traffic, and not stopping at a stop sign or red light. Any type of driving that would cause even a minor accident can be classified as reckless driving.

Sometimes reckless driving can result in death if someone can’t stop in time or if another car is hit when weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. These can all be prevented.

Is It Illegal?

Yes, reckless driving is a chargeable offense, but it varies in how serious it’s treated from state to state. In many states, a reckless driving charge is less severe than a DUI charge. But this does not mean you should still get one.

A reckless driving charge will still appear on your record and you will have to disclose it as a convicted offense to employers. This might impact your employability and cause issues in the future.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be doing anything on the road that can result in a fine or charge. Road safety is smart driving.

Preventing Reckless Driving

Road safety is important to everyone who gets into a vehicle. If you’re ever driving and see someone reckless driving it’s important to do your duty as a citizen and call 911 to report the vehicle and plate. You may be the person who helps prevent any accidents that day.

Make sure you adapt your driving to the road conditions, avoid speeding, and don’t be tempted to jump lanes multiple times during traffic, especially without signaling!

It’s also important to do your research on driving statistics and hazard to make sure you’re prepared in the event you are in an accident. Being prepared will cut down on the stress and ensure you’re able to keep a level head to get the information you need.

Knowing What Is Reckless Driving

Knowing what is reckless driving is half the battle. Preventing reckless driving is the other half. This is just one of many road rules that should be followed and obeyed to avoid serious consequences for your actions.

Once again, if you see any instances of unsafe driving, call the police immediately.

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