How To Accelerate Metabolism?


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Accelerate Metabolism

Use your favorite ingredients and add serum to them, it is appropriate for any smoothie recipe. Serum contains protein, which gives energy and helps burn more calories, it oxidizes more fat than other dairy products, and weight loss goes faster. If you are actively involved in sports, you can add serum from sports protein mixtures to the smoothies.

Drink two Glasses of Water before Each Meal:

The effectiveness of this advice was proved by the research of American scientists, subjects spent three months drinking two glasses of water before meals and during this period they lost an average of seven kilograms more than those who did not drink water. The dehydrated organism is not able to maintain a normal level of metabolism, the same rule allows you to remain energetic throughout the day.

Spend Every Minute Actively:

At home, at work, anywhere. Do not be afraid of the reprehensible views of colleagues, at any free moment do the exercises. Squat, rotate your hands, legs, and head, do inclines, walk on stairs, at a break you go on walks at a fast pace, do anything, just not to sit still. Such unobtrusive training during the day allows you to spend up to 350 extra calories.

Drink Coffee:

It should be a good coffee in its pure form, without additives from cream, sugar, and syrups, it will give you cheerfulness, useful antioxidants, and will make metabolism work faster by activating the central nervous system. If you drink coffee before training, it will increase your stamina and allow you to do much longer, and a cup of coffee after training will increase the level of glycogen in the muscles, that is, speed up recovery.

Do not abuse this advice, remember that you can not drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day, the last of which should be drunk at least four hours before bedtime.

Drink Green Tea:

Coffee is a great way to disperse metabolism, but it has a number of contraindications. If you for some reason cannot drink coffee, then opt for green tea. This drink has the same properties as coffee, and also contains a unique antioxidant catechin. Tea should be drunk only in freshly brewed form, without sugar and cream.

Eat Sour-Milk Products:

The fermented milk products contain probiotics that help women lose weight, this fact is confirmed on a scientific level. The best choice will be natural Greek yogurt, in addition to probiotics, there is linoleic acid, which has the property of splitting fats in both women and men.

Add Witticisms:

It’s about cooking, give up the usual mixture of salt and Provencal herbs, discover the Tabasco and cayenne pepper. The burning taste of any acute seasoning is determined by capsaicin, a substance with a thermogenic effect. Spicy food activates brown fat, and also allows you to burn up to 90 extra calories after each meal. Be careful, excessively spicy food is dangerous for people with stomach diseases.

Do Snacks:

A small useful snack is an insurance against overeating at the next meal. Imagine that your metabolism is a big fire, the main meals are large logs, and small snacks are the firewood needed to maintain the fire. Every time you make a snack on the basis of lean meat or complex carbohydrates, your metabolism becomes faster.