Why Do Women Undergo Breast Augmentation?

Undergo Breast Augmentation

In the United States, breast augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic procedures that women undergo. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 307,000 women have breast augmentation in Atlanta surgery each year. Although these surgical cases could be different, women choose this procedure for several reasons.

Even though it people often dismiss it, this procedure ranks among the top ten cosmetic surgeries in the USA. The question remains, why do women choose implants? What pushes them to get bigger boobs? Is it a quest for confidence and youth? What are the possible benefits of going under the knife?

For anyone choosing to go through the surgery, arrays of questions will continue to linger in our minds and this is exactly why it is vital to look towards why women continue to move towards the surgical procedure. Most women choose the procedure for common reasons, and here’s a look at some of the top ones.



Although there is no precise definition of this condition mainly because the size of breasts varies amongst women, the medical condition typically diagnoses when a woman does not have fully developed breasts, even after puberty. Surgeons determine this by comparison to the average size of breasts and the woman’s self-perception, along with those who suffer from the condition often and experience strong awkwardness about how their figure appears. The breast implants often provide such women with increased confidence, a fuller figure, as well as an improved self-image, dramatically.



This goes for men too, and not only females. Over the years, so many people (men and women) undergo the breast augmentation procedure. Some men also require a form of breast reduction surgery, especially if they have gynecomastia. When you walk into Crispin Plastic Surgery, the specialists will diagnose the problem and inform you about the condition. Gynecomastia is a swelling of the breast tissue, in men caused by hormonal imbalance (hormones including testosterone and estrogen).

Boost Self Esteem:

Boost Self Esteem

Usually, women who are not so happy with the appearance of their breasts experience a drop in their confidence. However, following breast augmentation, they experience a change in their confidence. Even in the year 2007, a survey conducted by the University of Florida noted that patients between the ages of 21 and 57 experienced a change in their self-confidence right after the procedure.

The self-confidence of patients rose from 20.4 to 24.9; this was on the Rosenberg scale.

Loss of Breast Volume Post Pregnancy:

Loss of Breast Volume Post Pregnancy

Some new mothers experience that right after pregnancy, nursing changes the shape and size of their breasts. The size drops from normal to smaller, which is a reason why women prefer to opt for bigger breast implants, which helps to restore their pre-baby body. After giving birth, women lose a significant volume of their breasts, and since no amount of exercises could help to bring the lost volume back, the only way they can achieve their desired new look is through the augmentation procedures, using implants.

For such patients, surgeons often perform the augmentation procedure in combination with other ones like a tummy tuck, to complete a full “mommy makeover.”

Asymmetrical Breasts:

Asymmetrical Breasts

Not every woman has the perfect, symmetrical breast shape. Many have asymmetrical appearing ones, due to macromastia, growth spurts during the phase of puberty, uneven estrogen levels, as well as other factors. Although this condition is not so common, it may have an impact on the appearance of a woman and many opt for this procedure to even out their contour or figure.

Youthful Appearance:

Youthful Appearance

Aging is a natural phenomenon, and as your age figures change to higher numbers, a loss of perkiness and volume are common factors. Pregnancy and breastfeeding accelerate this trait, that’s when breast augmentation can help lift the shape, size of the breasts. For such women, this is a highly recommended procedure. The placement done with implants works wonders to restore youthful breast and a perky appearance.

Important for Intimacy:

Important for Intimacy

For most women, a sense of allure is important to them. Some even wonder what the benefits of the augmentation procedure could provide, however, the answer is quite simple, and they feel more intimate and sexier. Of course, one should not opt for the procedure only for the sake of others and it is one done for their appearance. Some women also feel they are desirable to their self-sense. For those women, a breast augmentation surgical procedure could help them to look the way they always desired.

Fluctuating Weight:

Fluctuating Weight

So many women tend to suffer from their weight issues, often due to post pregnancy and hormonal imbalance. When they receive an optimal weight, their breasts tend to lose their firmness and volume. The breast implants could replace the size and volume, return the size of the breasts, and enhance the shape.

If you are planning to opt for the breast augmentation procedure and experience any such issues, you should consider these reasons and finally choose to opt for the procedure or not.