Secrets To Controlling Heat For Indoor Cannabis Plants Revealed

Indoor Cannabis Plants

Being able to control the heat in a grow space is one aspect of indoor marijuana growing that is a challenge for so many growers. Grow lights provide different varieties of plants with enough light, which can boost the phase of photosynthesis, but they give off heat. Any grower with experience in indoor grow lights will know that they can produce a lot of heat. At such times, turning to smarter options, such as LED grow light not only helps to bring the temperature down but also has a positive effect on the growth of plants.

Cannabis plants facing exposure to temperatures over 80-850 F (27-30 degrees Celsius) suffer from damages and leads to their poor growth. This is why it is important that growers keep their cannabis growing space below that threshold.

  • Grow lights give off some heat, less causes no problems. However, the excess heat may cause slow plant growth
  • Too much can kill cannabis plants, especially in their budding stage
  • Sometimes, cannabis plants keep making new pistils on parts of their buds that are too close to the light. This happens when they experience light stress or too much heat, which is not a good sign for healthy cannabis.

Here are some secrets to protecting your cannabis plants from heat-related damage.

Use Some Supplements for Heat Protection

Use Some Supplements for Heat Protection

These days, new supplement forms can protect cannabis plants from heat, make them more resistant, or help them to recover from heat stress quickly. Although there is no best supplement for heat, many could help your cannabis. You can learn more about nutrients from different companies or choose some including:

Silica Supplement:

Generally, using silica supplement for growing marijuana is not necessary for the healthy growth of plants because plants contain silica in an appropriate amount to survive. However, if your cannabis plants are under light stress, then silica can boost its health.

When plant roots access silica, they drink it up and it incorporates into the cells of the plants and helps to strengthen their individual cells. These armored cells improve vigor, structure, and help the plants to combat heat effects.

Seaweed Kelp Extract:

The best stress resistant to your plants is a surprise gift from the ocean- some seaweed! You can use this, which contains small amounts of minerals and nutrients. Pure sea kelp extract is a great choice for soil-based growers who wish to avoid liquid nutrients. For hydroponic growers, using an all in one supplement with seaweed trace is a great choice. They contain several ingredients that work in the best ways to protect plants against heat and other situations as well. When you choose supplements for hydroponics, just make sure that it matches with the base of the nutrients. You have to keep a check on the water levels too.

Optimize Indoor Grow Lights

Optimize Indoor Grow Lights

The best way to optimize grow lights is by upgrading them too much better ones. Measure their lighting and try to understand this well. However, here are some tips on what you can do to ensure your grow lights do not give off heat.

Reduce their Power:

Some grow lights come with adjustable lights, this means you can dim and adjust their power settings. Some also allow you to choose the right watts for your plants, which mean they give off less heat and light. If you go for smarter options like Dorm Grow LED grow lights, they help to save power costs by 60% and help to maintain a steady indoor atmosphere.

Raise their Level Higher:

Raising grow lights, higher helps to bring down the temperature in grow rooms. When set at a low level, the heat is given off by grow lights could be too close to the plants, and they are likely to suffer from the heat. Hence, another bonus here is to ensure that you install you grow lights at a higher level from your cannabis plants.

Switch to LED Grow Lights:

These days, most growers are turning to LED grow lights because of the remarkable qualities that make them the first choice for cannabis growing. If you are using CFLs, then surely you know they give off too much heat. However, LEDs are a great choice because they are much more efficient than other lights. They help to maintain a stable temperature in grow rooms. You can use them to target specific growth stages of plants, such blue LEDs for the flowering/vegetative stages of plants. They help to keep pests away, give off less heat since plants absorb the light instantly.

LED grow lights work wonders when it comes to indoor gardening and heat control for cannabis. They boost the yield of plants and come with more benefits.  If you are searching for the best ways to control heat in your indoor garden, then it is advisable that you try these and let your plants grow happily without worrying about the costs!