How Strong Are You? The Answer May Surprise You

How Strong Are You

Do you know the answer to this question? Before you answer, let me tell you, I’m not asking how much you can bench, squat or deadlift. I want to know how strong you are, not how much you can lift. What do I mean by that? Knowing the answer could dramatically ramp up your progress.

Getting results from your weight training, cardio, or nutrition program takes a lot of strength. It also takes a unique kind of strength. I am talking about your mental muscle. If you don’t have the mental strength to get up early and hit the gym, eat the right meal, resist all the temptations that can derail you, etc., then it doesn’t matter how much you can lift.

So, what I mean by the question ‘how strong are you?’ is a little different. I want to know you strong your determination is. I want to know about your level of resolve when you face adversity. Do you quit when the weight feels heavy?

Mental strength will help you reach your physical potential. In fact, it will help you be successful in anything you do, from weight training and fat loss to family and career goal.

Here Are Some Unique Ways To Physically Rest Your Mental Strength:

These are some of my favorite two-minute drills. You’ve never realized how long two minutes is until you try these. And, once you do, you’ll know a lot about yourself and your mental strength.

  • Wall Sit-Stand a foot or two from a wall. Place your back against the wall and move down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, just like the squat. Now hold it for two minutes. You can do it. After all, you’re not even using any weight, right?
  • The Half Push Up – Get down into a push-up position. Now go halfway down and hold it for two minutes. Can you feel the burn? 😉
  • Hanging Out – Find a chin-up bar, get into the bottom of the pull-up position and hold it for two minutes. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?
  • Forearm Follies – Get into the push-up position but do it as if you are going to do the push-ups on your forearms. Hold it for two minutes. You have to make sure your body stays straight or you are cheating. Your body, including your abs, is going to hurt.
  • Iron Cross – Grab some light dumbbells and get into the famous iron cross – holding the top of a lateral raise. Hold it for two minutes. You’ll need some really light dumbbells. Trust me.
  • Drive Your Car – Sit on a bench. Keep your back straight. Grab a weight plate like you would a steering wheel and rais it out in front of you, arms straight, like you are driving a car. Hold it there for two minutes.

How are you feeling? How did you do? Did you have to dig deep? Did you use a lot of mental tricks? Did you want to quit? Not easy, is it? Brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘feel the burn,’ doesn’t it?

Most likely, you’ve learned a lot about yourself with these little drills. Use what you’ve learned to ramp up your fitness progress. There have tips which are wearing a waist cincher for the workout can boost the weight training effects.