Top 10 Best Music Apps For Smartphone



Best Music Apps

Best Music Apps to help you listen to and find new music on your Android tablet or smartphone.  Apps Available for

  1. Android
  2. BlackBerry
  3. iPhone
  4. Kindle Fire
  5. NOOK
  6. Windows Phone


Gaana gives you access to a massive library of music in various languages and from various genres. You can stream these songs directly to your tablet or smartphone for free.


Listen to original music by new upcoming artists, follow upcoming global trends, create playlists and record your own music. Soundcloud is not just an app, it’s a platform for every musician.


SoundHound not only recognizes any song that may be playing around you but also anything you hum or whistle!


Shazam is a very cool free music app that listens to a song that’s being played and then tells you the name of the song and the artist. You then have the option of sharing your discovery, watching a music video of it on YouTube, playing it in Spotify, finding tour information, viewing a discography, reading album reviews, and creating a Pandora station based on that artist.


If you just need a radio app for your mobile device, iHeartRadio has you covered, as it supports tons of devices, has awesome features, zero commercials, and finds nearby radio stations with ease. You can also listen to podcasts and create your own music stations based on your favorite songs, search for stations, and look in categories like 80s and 90s hits, alternative, holiday, classical, rock, oldies, and more to find the music you’ll like the most.

Amazon Music:

Amazon Music is similar to the Google Play Music app in that you can load up to 250 of your own songs to your Amazon account to have access to it from a mobile device. You also have the ability to download your music offline so you can listen to it from the app even without an internet connection. Amazon Music is really easy to use, looks great, and also works on Samsung TV, Roku, Sonos, and the web.


Musi is a simple app that lets you add videos from YouTube and SoundCloud to your own custom playlists. The app will stream the music to iOS so you can use the regular volume and playback controls without having to keep the app open. You can manually search for music or browse through the popular and trending songs, as well as look through the videos by genre. An unlimited number of playlists can be built with Musi, but the app is ad-supported.


8tracks is another radio app for mobile devices that let you listen to ad-free music through mixes that each contain 8 tracks. You can browse through staff picked mixes, featured, popular, and trending ones as well as share mixes, comment on them with other users, and like the mixes for recommendations of similar music. In addition to the below, 8tracks can be used in Windows 8, any mobile browser, Xbox, WordPress and Joomla via a plugin, and several other places.

Google Play Music:

The Google Play Music app for India may not have all the features of its American counterpart, but it still remains a solid music player for your Android device.

Dj Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer:

DJ Studio 5 lets you mix, remix and loop through your playlist for parties. In other words, let this app help you become the DJ you’ve always dreamt of being!