What Everyone Must Know Before Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Are you planning to go under the knife for a breast augmentation surgery? If you are, then rest assured you aren’t the only one! In the United States, it stands out as the most popular and sought-after cosmetic surgical procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, just in the year 2014 alone, surgeons across the country performed nearly 300,000 procedures.

If you are considering a breast augmentation in Atlanta or fat transfer, you need to be aware of some things before you commit to the procedure. Breast augmentation can be a powerful and life-changing procedure, so you should know that it is a major one and one you need to prepare for before and after. The healing process could take time, and you will have to adjust to the changes both mentally and physically.

Here are some of the things you should know before you opt for a breast augmentation.

The Results Aren’t Permanent:

A crucial point that you need to consider about breast implants is that they do not last for a lifetime. Simply because they become a part of your body, this doesn’t mean they are permanent fixtures. Although each implant, silicone, and saline have unique qualities, meaning they are built to last, their outer shells can eventually wear down over the years to come, especially if they encounter physical stress or injury. At some point, your breast implants will need a replacement.

When talking about replacing your breast implants with your Crispin Plastic Surgery expert, you should know that the right time varies from one candidate to another. Some women have this belief that they need to switch their implants every ten years, but the truth is this may not actually be necessary. The results vary on the situation and you should pay attention to your body and also make sure that you monitor any signs of changes.

If you have saline breast implants, it is quite easy to notice if anyone ruptures. In the case of a rupture, this will safely leak out more like sterile salt water content into your body, which would cause a deflation to the implant. If you notice any form of asymmetry in the shape of your breasts, this could be a sign of damaged implants. However, a silicone leaking implant is not easy to detect. If a rupture occurs, you will need MRI screenings to detect it.
Ruptured silicone implants are often uncomfortable, and cause tenderness and swelling. Apart from the possibility of ruptures, another reason for the change in implants is capsular contracture. This results when a scar tissue squeezes and hardens the breast implants.

It Could Be Life Changing:

You should know that the breast augmentation procedure could affect and transform your lift in several good ways. If you have misshapen or asymmetrical breasts, then you need to know that you can make change them into the perfect, symmetrical pair. Breast surgery is ideal for those women who had to go through mastectomy because of problems like cancer. Implants can restore the breasts or the womanly shape that women miss, letting them wear normal clothes once again.

In addition, it is an appropriate surgery for those women who just had children, or had drastic weight loss, which should help to restore their original shape. This should help to restore their breasts shape back to its original one.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also reports that “Breast augmentation brings about psychological benefits. It helps to boost the self-esteem in women and enhances their sex lives. Breast augmentation also gives women the chance to control their figure goals, letting them choose any kind of anatomy.”

You Will Need to Manage the Recovery Period:

This surgery surely has a positive impact on your life, but it will also make your body slow down the recovery phase, especially if you do not pay proper attention to the healing. After the surgery, you have to plant some days off from your work, stay at home and ensure that you focus on the healing. During this phase, your body will be very sensitive, and doing simple tasks like bending down to pick something will also seem like a painful experience.

Get someone to drive you to and from the hospital and ask your friend or loved ones to stay with you for some time to ensure you don’t encounter an injury. For the first few days, your surgeon will prescribe some painkillers, and you should expect mild to moderate kind of pain during the healing phase. Keep in mind that during the healing phase, you will experience swelling, numbness, and tingling sensations. You have to try and distract yourself, watch movies, play games, read magazines, or ask your family or friends to keep you company.

You should also pay close attention to any signs of infections or breast augmentation scar formations. If you have flu-like or fever symptoms, inflammation, redness, excessive swelling or pus in the incision area, you should consult your surgeon immediately.

Breast augmentation is a safe and beneficial procedure, only if you choose to consult board-certified and experienced surgeons. Choose the best experts in your area, and you stand a better chance of having greater results.