Use a Sliding Rigid Box for Custom Lash Packaging Today



Without a first good impression, it is not possible for a brand to become popular. To make a lasting impression on your customers, think of creating a brand image. The best way you can accomplish this is through the best quality, attractive packaging. In the marketing world, it is nothing out of the ordinary but packaging plays an important role.

And custom lash packaging is no exception. False eyelashes are essential beauty elements women buy today. They help to accentuate the eyes and give them an alluring touch. For sure, every woman has a pair in her vanity box! Since they are makeup essentials, they deserve beautiful packaging too.

In simple words, it means it is highly important that you give these boxes an alluring touch. Of course, the first thing that anyone would notice is how appealing the packaging appears. In this post, let’s consider the sliding rigid box for lash packaging. These amazing packaging boxes add an instant “luxury” touch to eyelashes. They feature a sliding box, more like a sliding drawer. To add a cool touch to the box, you can have a holographic paper in the drawer section.

There are several customization options for these boxes. You can add a pulling ribbon section. This should make it easier to pull the box out. You may further decorate the box by adding a longer ribbon to fasten the box.

The Features of the Rigid Sliding Box for Lash Packaging

Apart from the pull out feature with the ribbon, another feature of this box is its soft surface. The lash packaging boxes can have a soft paper wrap on top. You may ask the packaging and printing company like The Legacy Printing to add a velvet fabric on the top. This velvety fabric could be of any color. On the surface, you can ask them to print your company logo using glossy foil stamping. This will surely appear captivating.

The common thickness for this rigid lash box is often 2mm. The same goes for small and medium custom boxes. As their name suggests, they are popular for their rigid exteriors and unmatched aesthetic beauty.

The Advantages of Custom Printed Lash Packaging

Brand Recognition

The first advantage of investing in custom printed lash packaging is brand recognition. You should have customized boxes featuring your company name, logo, and contact details. This should serve as a marketing strategy and instill your brand into the minds of potential customers. When they see an attractive box, the first thing they will notice is your brand name.

They Offer Protection

Eyelashes are delicate, and they should get the best protection possible. With a lash box, protection is a guarantee. When you choose rigid boxes for eyelashes, they will keep environmental factors away. This includes factors like humidity, heat, and moisture. Furthermore, the lashes stay protected from sunlight, which could damage their quality.

An Economical Choice

If you choose wholesale custom lash boxes, this will serve as an economical choice. Most packaging companies offer bulk discounts on wholesale orders. If you are a growing brand, this should be perfect for you. Furthermore, the boxes would be lightweight, durable, and sturdy. They will withstand shipping, transportation and protect the lashes from damages.

Rigid boxes for custom lash packaging are a worthwhile investment. For your brand, you should choose these today!