How to Pick the Right Shade of Eyeshadow for Your Skin Tone



‘When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quiet.’

I could not agree more with this statement but one needs the right blend of eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner for the eyes to stand out. During my time in this world, I have observed that eye makeup make a significant difference in how a woman looks. I mean a blush on or lip color cannot achieve what eye makeup can. And the most difficult part is to apply eyeshadows. Because let’s face it, one eyeshade alone is not sufficient. Picking up a mascara or an eyeliner is no big deal. They do not come in gazillion different shades, but these eyeshadows are available in every possible color and more. If you ask me, I have always been a diehard fan of smokey eyes. Till date, I have watched around a hundred different tutorials (thanks to my TDS Internet). But have still not been able to pull off a perfect smokey eye look. Sigh!

I believe I am still a gazillion more tutorials away from acing at the smokey eye look. Here, I would also like to highlight the fact that not every eyeshadow suits every person. Based on your skin tone and texture, the shades that look good on you vary.

Here’s a guide on how to pick the right eyeshade according to your skin tone:

Fair Skin Tone:

Fair Skin Tone

While many people envy their fair-skinned friends or colleagues, choosing eyeshadows that go with this skin tone is the hardest of all. If neutral shades are applied on fair skin, they will blend into it not making much of a difference. On the other hand, opting for shades of pink or red will invite comments like ‘why do you look so tired?’ for the fair-skinned women. Choosing dark tones like grey isn’t a good option for these women either. Especially the grey color. It gives a bruise-like finish to the fair-skinned women’s eyes. I am sure no one in their right state of mind would want that for themselves. That leaves the women with this skin tone with a limited number of shades to choose from. Earthy colors including bronze and gold or hues of rose gold and champagne should be the go-to shades of fair-skinned women.

 Medium Skin Tone:

Medium Skin Tone

When I say medium skin tone, I am referring to the shade of skin that isn’t light enough to be categorized as fair, nor dark enough to make it to the olive tone family. Talking of eyeshades for this skin-tone, there’s more freedom for women with this skin color to choose from a larger variety of eye shades. Bronze, gold, copper and honey, you name a shade and chances are that it will compliment your skin tone. Women with this skin tone can even turn to metallic and pigmented finishes along with shades of grey.

Olive Skin Tone:

Olive Skin Tone

Because they have a naturally tanned complexion, olive-skinned women can choose to play it safe or go bold with all the bright colors. Women with this skin tone have the liberty to experiment with an array of hues. While subtle colors like golden browns will set well with your natural skin tone, bright colors like royal blue and emerald green will make your complexion pop.

Dark Skin Tone:

Dark Skin Tone

When it comes to freedom of choosing from bold, flashy colors, dark skin toned women are at an advantage. Dark eyeshadow colors like indigo blue and vibrant purple will pop against your skin tone. Wet eyeshades are more preferable than dry ones for this skin tone as they will help give an intense finish. However, stay away from ashy shades or any shade that falls under the category of blue, pink or green. These shades would give you a rather dull look and that is not what you want when you are heading out with your friends. Do you?

Well, I don’t think I can afford to look dull on a girls’ night out. And as I have an olive skin tone, I always opt for shades that make my complexion pop and give me a radiant look. However, my all-time go-to shade is golden-brown- neither too bright nor that dull. But I also keep myself updated with all the latest eyeshades launched by my favorite brands and don’t shy away from experimenting. I won’t say that I am a skilled make-up artist but I watch a lot of tutorials (even when I am traveling). My subscription to Frontier Internet enables me to access internet on my smartphone and I am glad the Frontier Phone Service is reasonable enough. Hadn’t it been for these affordable packages, I would not have been able to spend money on the makeup products.