How to Choose Driving Lights for Your Car



Driving Lights

When it comes to the driving lights, there are a variety of choices in the market. Earlier, the vehicle owners were dependant on only the conventional halogen lights for their cars and SUV’s. Nowadays, you have a variety of LED lights and 4-way driving lights.

Some offer you clear visibility of road, but they are short in range, while some are made to give a long-range view of the vehicles ahead. When you visit a store to search for the car lights, it becomes difficult to choose the right ones. This post shares some tips on how to select driving lights for a car.

Type of light

All driving lights are not the same. There are three types of driving lights available in the market. LED lights, HID and halogen lights.

LED Lights:

LED Lights

These are the most popular lights, and they are known for their high efficiency and long lifespan. They don’t consume more of a car’s battery. However, they are expensive than conventional car lights.


HIDs are known as high-intensity discharge lights and have a decent lifespan but less than LEDs. They offer clear vision if maintained, but if the lenses get dirty, they can produce a glare on the incoming traffic.

Halogen Lamps

Halogen lights are the conventional lamps that are popular for decades. They come installed from the manufacturer and have low cost. The disadvantage of halogen lights is that they have a short lifespan.

Things to consider

Illumination Range

Illumination Range

It is essential to look for the illumination range of any car lights, before installing them on your vehicle. Most of the car lights can penetrate the distances of up to 500 to 600 meters. However, when you visit a store, you will find the LED lights with an illumination range of more than 500 meters.

Also, there are short-range lights like the fog lamps that offer a  close view of the road. You cannot rely on these lamps to drive at high speeds. Fog lamps are suitable for short-range distances if you drive on low speed. If you usually drive on speeds over 60 miles per hour and on highways, choose the lights with long distance illumination range.

Optic Pattern

The optic pattern is the ability of light to widen during illumination. The lights of projector headlamps goes up to long ranges and show you the vehicles and objects more than 500 meters ahead of your car. Their beam does not spread much and goes long ahead to offer you a clear view of vehicles. The lights with many LEDs at different angles spread wider and don’t make a shadow. The lights with a beam that spreads up to 60 degrees are the best to have a view of the road and the peripherals.



You must consider the place where to install the lights on your car. For example, the fog lamps are installed on the bumper for clear visibility of the road. LED headlamps are mounted above the windscreen for clear view whole offroading.

Durability and Life

The lights must be durable for long life. The off-road lights should be waterproof, and their mounts should be corrosion resistant. Also, the outer glass of the light should be dust proof as any dirt or dust can hamper the visibility.

Final Words

These are some basic tips on choosing the driving lights for your vehicle. If you live in Queensland you can visit a 4wd driving lights Toowoomba market to find a variety of car lights. Most cars come with halogen lamps installed by the manufacturer. If you want a low cost and durable option, you can get HID lights on your vehicle. However, if you can spend more and want a long-lasting durable option, you should go for LED lights considering the optic pattern and illumination range.