How to Repair a Car Roof Liner



Repair a Car Roof Liner

Roof liner is the fabric that covers the inner side of the ceiling of your car. It protects the passengers from the heat of the ceiling and also absorbs the sound of your music. The fabric is gently glued and fixed by the manufactures to keep it in place.

However, with time it starts sagging and detaching itself from the ceiling. There is a board underneath the fabric to which it is glued by the car makers. The adhesive becomes weak with time due to the excessive heat from the ceiling, and the lining starts sagging.

A sagging roof liner needs repair at the right time to prevent it from falling completely. Let us check some useful tips to repair a sagging roof liner in a car.

Glue the Fabric:

Gluing is one of the easiest methods or repairing a sagging roof liner. If the material of your liner is sagging partially especially on the edges, you can use a tube of glue to fix it in its place. Don’t use the ordinary glue as it cannot fix a headliner. Use a roof lining adhesive that is made especially for gluing these fabrics. If possible, use spray glue as it is easy to spread uniformly on the areas that need to be fixed.

Use Sequin Pins:

Using sequin pins is another way to fix a roof liner quickly as it needs no skills or special products for setting. All you need is the Sequin pins that are readily available in the market. However, you should not use the office pins as they cannot hold the weight of the fabric.

Ask the retailers of vehicle spares as they will offer you the sequin pins to use for your roof liner. Hold the fabric firmly in the right place and push the pins through it gently so that they penetrate into the board under the material.

Use a Steam Cleaner:

Using a steam cleaner melts the dry glue under the fabric. You can reattach it to the board by pressing gently with your hands and fingers. The steam cleaner cannot only melt the adhesive but also cleans the dust and dirt from the fabric. If the material is sagging from the edges, you can fix it with your hand, but if it is declining from the middle areas, use a paint roller to press it gently as it can set it uniformly.

Clear-headed Twist Pins:

Using the clear-headed pins is another easy way to fix your roof liner within minutes. These are also known as saggy stoppers, as they are an inexpensive and easy method of putting the roof liner in its place. You can use the clear-headed twist pins to fix even the broad areas of a sagging headliner. These pins won’t damage the board underneath the fabric due to the tiny holes which makes the clear-headed pins best to fix a car headliner.

Consult a Professional:

Sometimes the board under the fabric starts to deteriorate, that causes the roof liner to sag from multiple areas. Such a board needs a replacement that requires a professional hand. Many car roof repair professionals in Australia can repair your sagging fabric within a day. If you are located in Gold Coast, you can find a car roof lining repair Gold Coast to know about the service providers in your area.

Final Words

Repairing a car roof liner is easy if the sagging area is small like the edges. However, if the headliner is sagging from multiple regions or the middle of the ceiling, it is better to contact a professional. For small areas, you can use these car roof lining repair tips to fix it easily at home.