Hide Calls and Texts from Specific People on Android Device



Hide Calls and Texts Android

When you let your friend borrow your phone, you wittingly or inadvertently disclose to your friend data hooked up to your phone. Though it’s only for a telephone, your friend will ascertain Who you have got recently been in-tuned with mistreatment’s directly accessible data like your recent phone calls and text messages.

If you’re involved regarding the on top of the issue and want for some way to cover calls and text messages from specific folks on your device, Associate in the Nursing app on the Play Store fulfills you would like.

Privacy courier may be an easy SMS replacement app. However, it’s a few of privacy options that area unit designed to stay others from reading your messages. By default, all messages area unit sent and received as customary messages. However, you’ll activate personal Messages to cover specific conversations. Doing this may not show a notification in once you receive a letter from particular contacts and locks those conversations away behind a 4-digit pin code of your alternative.

For all the beautiful things that smartphones have in deep trouble America, they conjointly create it plenty more comfortable for folks to induce hold of your data. A case might contain your driver’s license and MasterCard, however, a smartphone has all of that data and passwords to websites, personal photos, conversations, and so way more.

A secure lock screen is that the best thanks to forestalling somebody from stepping into your phone, however, what if that fails? We’ve created three guides to assist you to lock down the first vital stuff on your phone.

For additional security, you’ll lock down the whole app and its notifications behind an identification. To alter the feature, open the app, faucet the four squares icon at the highest and so open settings and faucet privacy and so toggle alter identification to the on position. Here you’ll even have the choice to secure from a screenshot and conjointly disable your keyboard’s learning feature whereas the app is getting used to the messages your sort aren’t being logged anyplace on the device.

If a whole gate around your electronic messaging app was to line off a red flag for people who might need access to your phone, Privacy courier offers you the choice to alter the name of the personal Box to no matter you would like or hide it utterly by creating it accessible solely with an extended prolong the New spoken language icon at intervals the app. And if you continue to need to receive notifications once you receive messages in your threads, here’s Associate in the Nursing choice to customize the warnings to use Associate in Nursing app icon, notification title and unique content of your alternative. I don’t assume anyone would dare click on a sign that reads “System failure. Faucet to revive device.

We hope you were ready to hide text messages on your smartphone with the assistance of this app. you’ll not solely hide text messages with this app, however, may conceal contacts, photos, and videos. If there’s the other app that is best at activity text messages, do allow to grasp.