Top 5 Morning Alarm Apps That You Must Try



Morning Alarm Apps

Your new year’s resolution might be that you have to set up a perfect morning routine and follow it throughout the coming year. However, you might have this same resolution for last few years only to find out that you just couldn’t get up early enough every morning to take care of your routine stuff. Waking up early has its own set of unique benefits and a healthy morning routine imparts a new sense of positivity in you.

However, if you have had problems waking up every morning, a good online alarm clock can come to your rescue and it can always give you that morning punch you need to have a head start to your day. It is also important, however, that you choose the best alarm clock apps around that can make sure that you get up and running rather than hitting the snooze button again and again before waking up at your old routine time. So, to make the job easier for you, here we have listed 5 best morning alarm apps around and you can take full advantage of these to set your routine right.

1) Alarmy:

For those regular snoozers, Alarmy is the perfect morning solution to get out of bed. The app has a shrieking loud alarm sound and it requires you to perform a certain task before the alarm can be turned off. In the mean time, you will surely have your eyes wide open and won’t be able to go back in the bed and sleep again. One of the common tasks that the app may require you to do is to take a matching picture that you must have already registered in the app with some specific object, such as your bathroom mirror, in order to turn off the alarm. Similarly, the app may require you to solve a certain puzzle to do the same as well. It really turns out to be quite effective.

2) Puzzle Alarm Clock:

If your mind doesn’t seem to boot easily every morning, you may want something to do that forcibly. Well, a puzzle alarm clock can do that easily for you. The app gives you 4 different types of challenges that are all aimed at waking you up every morning. You may be required to solve a certain math equation, solve a maze puzzle, remember some shape sequence, and retype a certain piece of text in order to turn off the alarm. As you keep solving puzzles, things start getting harder and harder eventually making sure that you wake up and get out of your bed. There’s ‘Wakeup Poke’ feature in the app as well that actually re-checks after five minutes to ensure that you have completely woken up and have started your routine stuff.

3) AMDroid Alarm Clock:

Yet another free app, AMDroid is another cool app to have for those heavy sleepers who want to wake up early every morning. The app lets you create several alarms and offers customizations to ensure that it gently, but surely, wakes you up. Besides giving you those interesting wake-up challenges, AMDroid makes sure that you don’t have to deal with those crazy alarms on the public holidays. All you have to do is to sync it through the calendar and the app will take care of the rest. It also keeps track of your location to make sure that the stray alarms do not go off when you are at specific places like your office or, maybe, a restaurant. There’s also a pre-alarm feature incorporated into the app for those heavy sleepers.

4) Snap Me Up:

It’s your selfie alarm clock and is tailor made for those who love to take selfies and show themselves off on different social media platforms. Just as the name suggests, the app requires you to capture a photo of yours in order to turn the alarm off. You also have to ensure that you take selfies in well-lit environment and are fully awake with your eyes wide open. All the selfies taken through the app go to the gallery of your smartphone and you can even share those funny pictures of you waking up every morning as well.

5) Shake It Alarm App:

If solving puzzles or math equations isn’t your thing or you just don’t like to be woken up that way, Shake It Alarm app is the perfect alternative that you should try. For turning the alarm off, the app requires you to either shake it off, touch to turn it off or scream loud in front of your smartphone to do so. There’s a built-in tutorial as well that effectively gets you acquainted with the different features of the app. The app comes with a cool ‘Send Message To’ feature which actually sends a text message to your chosen family member or friend who can call you to wake you up if that ringing alarm doesn’t work alone. You can also ‘Deactivate Home Button’ for keeping things under control and letting the app to ensure that it turns the alarm off only when you are fully awake.

So, use these top 5 morning alarm apps to make your New Year’s resolution doable in the coming year. You will surely be able to start a perfect morning routine by waking up at the desired time. It really works and you must give it a try!