Top Pocket Friendly Countries to Choose to Pursue MBA Abroad!!



MBA Abroad

These days every second graduate desires to pursue MBA to enhance their career. Getting an MBA degree from abroad not only gives you international exposure but also it is a great way to grab a respectable position in a good company.  Many students believe that studying MBA abroad is a little too expensive! But, the fact is that all you need is a little research and you can make your dream come true of pursuing MBA abroad.

When there are thousands of courses available, choosing the right course with all the requirements being met is a task. As a future MBA student, there are some factors to study to be sure that you are selecting the right program to receive the highest return on investment. It is also important to make sure that you don’t compromise on quality and standard of education while looking for a pocket-friendly degree abroad. If you think it is difficult to research for the best suitable options then you may also consider taking help from any Study Abroad Consultants Delhi. They will be able to help you in a professional manner.

As a solution to all these things here, we present a list of best places to study MBA with a low tuition fee. Europe has been the best suitable study destination when it comes to quality education with lower fees. In the list, most of the top positions are grabbed by Europe. Let’s have a look…


Germany is known as “The land of Ideas”, It has gained a lot of popularity in the list of top study destinations abroad in the last decade. The reason is that Germany offers top quality education with a low cost at the reputed institutions. Being the fourth strongest economy in the world Germany has also managed to provide almost free education at state universities.


Being the favourite destination for international students, France has a vivacious and varied student population.  The best thing is France offers English taught programs that conquests language barrier as well but if you know the language then it will help you in getting into part-time and full-time job easily.


Denmark offers high-quality education and like France, it also offers the English taught programs. Though the living expenses will be a little on a higher side compared to other European countries it is worth living as well. The universities are well known for its placements specially MBA graduates are well-placed post completion of their studies.


Norway like Germany offers free education to all local as well as international students at public institutions. Other than the high-quality education Norway is also best known for its natural sceneries and beauty.  The only problem you may see in Norway is the high living expenses but if you are getting the education with a low fee it is all worth to invest in living.


Sweden is home to many Top-ranked universities in the world. There are a lot of options available in courses that are taught in English. International students in Sweden are also allowed to work part-time with their studies which also aids in financial help.