Modern Living Room Designs & Furniture Ideas For 2019


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The Living Room is where the heart of a home is. It’s here that you gather with friends and family to relax and unwind. Creating the right look and ambience isn’t always that easy.  So how do you whip up your living room into shape as we head towards 2019? The experts and interior design gurus have spoken and below we have compiled some amazing modern living room designs and furniture trends you can expect in 2019.

From Pinterest to, to Houzz and our very own professional designers from FCI London, we have detailed information on everything you need to know about modern living room designs. Interestingly, in interior design, like in many other fields, the more things change the more they remain the same! All the design ideas are hinged on the tried and tested principles of interior design: Contrast, Balance, Rhythm, Scale and Proportion, Emphasis, Unity And Details. Shhh! Those are interior design secrets I’ve divulged. Once you are familiar with those then it becomes easier understanding the tips we’ll discuss below.

So, Are You Ready?  Let’s Start with the Meaning of Modern Design:

✓ Truth of the matter is that traditional and contemporary designs have been more prevalent in most UK homes. The modern style is only a decade or so old. Yet, it continues to gain huge popularity across many households.

✓ The proliferation and affordability of luxury furniture coupled with new manufacturers entering the market has led to an upsurge in demand. The notion that modern luxury furniture is only for the rich or way above what the common person can afford has been crushed.

✓ Considering that the modern-day living room is a place to relax, enjoy entertainment like in a home theater, as well as where you have your meals, it’s important you get the right furniture for this space. Other considerations like curtain colour and design, wall colours, carpets and rugs are secondary, but they should work to compliment the furniture, not the other way round.

Here are the 4 Modern Living Room Design Ideas you should Try Out in 2019:

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Colour Schemes for your Living Room:

The living room should be warm, welcoming, and soothing. These three factors can be achieved by working around different colour schemes. You can create character in the living room by using colours the right way. For instance, purple can be used to create a feminine feel. Don’t worry about ending up with a murky look, you can use neutral cushions on purple sofas. A neutral table or carpet is also a great way to balance strong tones out. Likewise, you can inject calm, romance, and purity to your living room by using white color. White walls, classic design wallpapers, grey sofas with white, linen-covered cushions, gloss white cabinets with drawers and a white flower vase on top – you could go on and on. Nothing gives your living room a luxurious, sleek look like high-quality gloss white furniture. At FCI London, we’re experts when it comes to designing modular units capable of being customized to your storage and display needs. These include tables, TV storage units, and bookshelves, to mention but a few.

Decorating Ideas for the Living Room:

Once you get it right with the colour schemes, there are many decorating ideas you can pick. For instance, you could decide to create a cosy room for your family just in time for Christmas! Update your interior and pick some good hardwood furniture from FCI London. They offer numerous inspirations and natural looks when complimented with the decorated Christmas tree, gifts, flower vases, and animals.  You can also opt for rusty country chic and elegant Scandi styles in the form of softer palettes on your living room armchairs and sofas. However, the Christmas décor is just one idea. Other ideas include creating a reading nook in your living room, fireplace ideas, creating a neutral living room for a calm, collected scheme, and so on.

Vintage Lighting for your Living Room:

Remember we said the more things change the more they remain the same? Online platforms have made it easy to get a 20th century French or Russian crystal chandelier, pendants, lanterns, and sconces have also all made a comeback and are readily available.  Modern lighting is increasingly opting for vintage styles for its uniqueness, functionality, and the majestic look it creates in the living room.

Modern Designer Furniture for your Living Room:

The size of your living room should never be a hindrance when shopping for your preferred modern furniture. Why? This is because furniture retailers like FCI London are able to design and customize every furniture piece to fit your every specification. Size included.  With over 30 years in the furniture manufacturing industry, FCI London has distinguished itself as the leading contemporary furniture dealer in London. Your choice of furniture for the living room will reflect your individual tastes and preferences. It’s what guests and visitors take note of first. There’s no shortcut but to invest in original, high-quality furniture.  FCI London contemporary TV units, bookshelves and dining tables – we have every furniture piece you’d require to create a modern look for your living room in 2019.

Final Expert Tips:

✓ Whether you live in a spacious bungalow or small apartment: you can create a modern living room without breaking much sweat or digging so deep into your pocket.

✓ Try out the above 4 tips of colour schemes, decorating ideas, lighting, and the right furniture.

✓ Here at FCI London we are proud to have recently won the 2018 Greater London Enterprise Award as the best Contemporary furniture company in London. It’s a testament to the superiority of our products as well as great customer care services.

✓ As you look to give your living room a new look in 2019, feel free to make us your reliable, affordable partner accompanying you on that journey.

✓ Our modern contemporary furniture comprises of over 700 major brands and designs to pick from. We display everything in our London showroom. Our professional team of interior designers will partner with you to help realize the perfect living room.