How Can You Benefit From A Smart Home?


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Benefit From A Smart Home

In the home improvement sector, there are two words which have taken the entire industry by storm. Smart home. So, what is a smart home? It is a space where home appliances remain connected via the internet. They can respond and act as per your preferences when you give commands through a mobile. In this article, we will see how smart homes can benefit customers.


When does a new technology tool or application become popular? When it solves the problems of customers. The other answer is, it completes a task which allows the customer some free time to concentrate on other important matters. Imagine the washing machine. Three decades ago, a woman has to spend half a day to wash and clean the dirty clothes of her entire family. The change happened with the introduction of the washing machine.

Now Coming to the Main Part, How can Smart Homes Benefit the Home Owners?

The appliances should provide not only services but also maintain data for use. The major role of smart appliances lies in the maintenance of a module where readings and patterns get identified. So, when the homeowner sets a schedule, the devices act accordingly. They can also modify their settings as per the requirements even without human intervention.

Case Study:

Gautham usually rises up by 6 am. He lives in a smart home. So, the blinds automatically go up. An alert gets sent to the coffee maker. Having taken a bath, he goes to the kitchen where hot coffee is waiting for him. On weekends, the system does not follow the same pattern. The reason – Gautham gets up only at 10 am.


For the perfect example, you have the Nest thermostat. There are many doubts about a smart home and a smart device. It is also a smart gadget but designed on self-learning applications. It is a Wi-Fi enabled gadget. It makes use of light sensor data, humidity, motion and temperature to create temperature settings. So, the homeowners do not have to change the settings every time.

Okay, so what is a Smart Home?

As per home improvement experts, a smart home is a system which requires no management from the part of a homeowner. It can make decisions on its own based on data patterns.

For example, the smart home system should know that Gautham gets up at 6 am. It should also know the time, he wants a coffee. Now, that goes for other commands. It should switch on the lights in the bathroom.

How Can you Benefit from a Smart Home?

Did you get the point? The basic fundamental concept of home automation takes the manual settings of a homeowner to zero. At present, machine learning smart devices are preferred by homeowners. Now let us see what are the benefits?

Face Recognition:

Do you remember the Face Recognition concept by Facebook? It will ask to register your Face image and then use it as a security feature. The smart home makes use of the same concept. When connected to video cameras, a family member can gain entry to the home. The machine learning application makes use of artificial neural networks to identify the eyes, chin, cheekbones, compare the data and then provide access.

When an intruder comes within the reach of the camera sensor, it can identify and send an alert to the homeowner.


There are some companies which make use of biometrics instead of ID cards? Then an employee has to make use of the fingertips. His fingerprints are in the database, and once the match is done, he can gain access. The same concept applies to a smart home.

Natural Language Processing:

In most smart home cases, the activities done by home appliances will depend on voice recognition devices. It can also depend on Natural Language Processing tools such as Azure Custom Speech Service and Amazon Transcribe. There are also digital assistants such as Google Home, Siri, and not to mention the very famous Alexa. These system converts the human command to a digital file and sends it to the cloud server for analysis. Once the match is made, the trigger will happen and the appliance will respond accordingly.

Conclusion – How Can You Benefit From A Smart Home?

To sustain in this world, you have to move in tandem with the times. So, a smart home has become the best-preferred fashion trend in home improvement circles. Opt for it, to save time and to get the best benefit.

But yes, there are certain changes, you have to make for a smart home. To make the adjustments in the kitchen and other areas of the home. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore and want to change your normal home to a smart one. You can, hire civil contractors in Bangalore for the renovation process. To get the best professional in your town, download the app of a home maintenance company which offers doorstep repair services for home appliances. They also will have reputed civil contractors in their payrolls. Scan through the profiles and pick the pro as per your budget. Here is a thumbs-up for changing your normal home to a smart home.