How to Start an Online Business at Home for FREE ($0 Needed)



So how do you start an online business at home for free? Well that’s exactly we’ll be going over in this post.

My name is Zukais andI’ll be showing you how you don’t need any money to actually make money online.

Let’s get straight into this.

YouTube Combined with Affiliate Marketing:

YouTube Combined with Affiliate Marketing

I would recommend starting a YouTube channel and monetizing it with affiliate marketing.

A YouTube channel is completely free to make and upload videos to.

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s products and getting a cut of the sale. For example, you could be promoting a scar cream on your YouTube channel and when people click on your link and purchase the scar cream, you will get a cut of that sale.

It’s actually a very simple process that you go through.

First of all, you simply need to create a YouTube channel. You can create a general type of YouTube channel where you talk about anything. Or you could create a niche type of YouTube channel.

I would recommend going with the niche type of YouTube channel as this will help you increase in your search rankings and subscribers. It will tell people what your channel is all about.

After you’ve picked your niche, go ahead and create a YouTube channel and decorate it. It doesn’t have to be some lavish design, just upload some clean channel art and something that ultimately describes what your channel is about.

Now it’s time to go with an affiliate network. An affiliate network is simply a place where you can find a bunch of products to promote. There are so many affiliate networks out there.

Here are the Big Three:

Here are the Big Three

  • Amazon Associates
  • ClickBank
  • JVzoo

Now, you need to pick a product to promote. After you’ve picked your product, do some keyword research.

Keyword research is simply finding search terms that people have typed into the search engine. For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss offer,  you could go after search terms such as “how to lose weight”.

But to make sure that people are actually typing these search terms into the search engine,  you will need to use an SEO tool. I would recommend keeping it simple and using Ubersuggest.

Go ahead and create a video around the keyword phrase. To create a video keep it simple as we don’t have any money to play with.

You can simply create some slides in Google slides and record the slides with a screen recorder. You can go ahead and find a free screen recorder online but keep in mind that they will either have a watermark or a time limit.

I recommend keeping your videos under 10 minutes. So the time limit may not have an effect on you.

After you’ve recorded your video, upload it.

What you’re going to do when you upload it is SEO. SEO is simply search engine optimisation. You’re optimising your video for the YouTube search function.

Here are Some Simple SEO Tips to Rank Higher in YouTube:

SEO Tips to Rank Higher in YouTube

  • Have your keyword in the YouTube Title
  • Have your keyboard as a YouTube Tag
  • Create a long description and have your keyword in there

So that’s how you get started in making money online. That’s how you can simply start an online business at home for free.

If you’re looking to learn more about this topic, I would recommend checking out this post.

If you’ve got a bit of money to play with and you’re serious about making online. I would recommend starting a blog.

Here’s a little guide.