The Sugarcane Loader Modular Design Greatly Reduces the Complexity of Maintenance



Sugarcane Loader

The productivity of your field is in your hands. Take it to the highest level with the sugarcane loaders. The only ones in the market designed to withstand a constant pace of effort and work day after day, year after year. Take charge of your income and decide your future with the leading teams in the agricultural market.

Bell Sugarcane Loader for Sale – Characteristics

  • Self-propelled design that goes anywhere
  • The industry-leading range and 180-degree load offer greater versatility
  • 3 m wheel width provides superior stability
  • Comfortable, an ergonomic cab that reduces operator fatigue

The sugarcane grab loader modular design greatly reduces the complexity of maintenance.

A high capacity grip carries more cane than ever before. Best of all, the arm rotates through 180 degrees to load from either side. These characteristics help the farmer save time and load more cane per cycle by allowing the loader to fill two carts at a time, or simply by saving time by eliminating the need to reposition the loader for a cart on its non-loading side.

The universal lever control makes arm and stacker adjustments easier than ever, while hydrostatic and propulsion brakes controlled by the pedal quickly take the operator where they need to go.

The sugar cane loader for sale cabin has many windows to provide exceptional visibility while loading from either side.

Other features of the cab include a low oil pressure warning system, a high water temperature warning system, a water temperature gauge, an oil gauge, a horn, a reverse alarm, and a voltmeter. Optional upgrades include a tachometer and an AM / FM radio.

Tractor mounted sugarcane loader manufacturers are subject to the design restrictions of the host tractor, making the repair more difficult and time-consuming. Typically, farm tractor designs include a massive hydraulic bench that contains axles, transmission, and other key components. This design is not conducive to quick and economical repairs.

The sugarcane loader for sale modular design of 2254 offers easy access to all service areas, allowing technicians to repair or replace individual components quickly and easily, taking the loader out of the shop to the fields where their investment is justified. Many repairs can be done quickly in the field, further reducing downtime.

Greater Reach Greater Grip:

The sugarcane loader for sale offers the flexibility of a self-propelled design with a powerful engine. The hydrostatic transmission provides smooth operation in the harshest conditions. It also offers a modular design, making maintenance faster and easier, reducing downtime thereby increasing productivity

Best in Class in Comfort, Visibility, and Functionality

sugar cane grab loader is the most powerful sugarcane loader in the world with a huge 200 hp engine. The tremendous stability of 2254 allows for greater range and greater grip capacity in the industry. With a 180 degree turn, you will have the most productive and versatile loader on the market.