Best Wakeboarding Spots in the Philippines


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Wakeboarding Spots

Wakeboarding is becoming popular across the globe due to its fun and adrenaline pumping characteristics. Even in the Philippines, we have our best Wakeboarding spots where people can learn and play Wakeboard easily.

You might be wondering what Wakeboarding is? Wakeboarding is a type of water sports board game much like surfboarding. Surfboarding is playing with a board while catching the incoming sea waves.

Wakeboarding vs Surfboarding:

On the other hand, Wakeboarding is being done pretty much the same where you ride a board, skim through the water but the difference lies in you being pulled by a boat or a Wakeboard machine.

Wakeboarding doesn’t need to wait for the waves to come which is one of the cons of surfboarding.

With Wakeboarding, speedboats can just pull you by the means of putting a long rope at the back of the boats which are connected to the handles you will hold. It ends up when you lose the handle or if you get tired of holding on to it.

There are two ways to play Wakeboarding, the first one is to be pulled by a speedboat and skim through the open sea which will be so much fun as the whole area will most likely be yours only. The rented boat will have you or your friends exclusively.

The other way to play wakeboarding is to do it via wakeboard cables attached to a pulling machine which is mostly present in wake parks.

Wake Parks:

Wake parks are places where you can play Wakeboards without the need for the speedboats and the open sea. Wake parks have man-made water of water with a course in it where you can play Wakeboard all day long.

It will be cheaper to play Wakeboarding on a Wake park rather than doing it in the open sea and have a boat pull you. It is quite economical especially for the beginners as they will have much more time practicing without burning their wallet off.

Wake parks usually have beginner pods as well, small man-made water track where beginners can try their skills in learning the sport. It is definitely the best Wakeboarding spot for the beginners and sports enthusiast who wants to learn it.

Best Wakeboarding Spots:

It is definitely the best choice for beginners, but professional players and experienced ones are also playing in Wake parks. It is because Wake parks have ramps installed in the course for them to test different maneuvers.

That is why it is a great choice for everyone who wants to play Wakeboarding as they can take all day playing the sport. So where exactly are the best Wakeboarding spots in the Philippines? Below are some of the best places.

Republic Wake Park, Nuvali, Laguna:

Number 1 on our list is the Wake park spot in Nuvali, Laguna. Republic Wake Park is almost at the heart of the metro. If you’re travelling to the Philippines and would want to test first the cable wake parks, Republic Wake Park is your first choice.

You can arrive at Republic Wake Park in one to two hours of travel time straight from the Manila airport. It is a good deal because you will not have to wait or travel far to get a taste of wakeboarding, a short nap while travelling and you will wake up there already.

The best part is you don’t need to bring in your own gears or if you don’t have your own gears, Republic Wake Park can lend you their gears without a fee. You just need to pay the rent for the hours you’re playing. They provide the Wakeboard, the helmet for safety and a life vest. You just need to put on your best shorts and swimming wear and you’re good to go.

Lago De Oro Cable Ski Park & Resort:

The next on my list is another quick drive from the Manila Airport. Lago De Oro Wake Park is located in Batangas which is near the city as well. No need to ride a plane to the place, a good 3 to 4 hour drive and you’ll be able to reach the place.

It is a resort as well so if you’re planning to chill out on your first day, you can choose to do it here to avoid the hassle of transferring places. You can wake up to a great morning and play Wakeboarding in their man-made course.

The Wake Park has instructors as well that can provide you with the needed knowledge to start Wakeboarding. The half day price for playing inside the cable courses is very cheap. You can get it for $10 or less depending on the exchange rate.

All in all, these 2 Wake Parks are my first choices when it comes to best Wakeboarding spots in the Philippines. The main reason is that it is very near the international airport. It can be a good first stop for tourist or can be a last minute stop before going back to your home country or your next destination.